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Cricket & Politics in The Zoya Factor & Battle for Bittora

Malorie Blackman, says,

“Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while. 

In our #BookReview blog through our #ScrutinySunday post, we present a book review on not one, but two books; The Zoya Factor & Battle for Bittora (fun fact: they’re both written by the same author, Anuja Chauhan). So, are these two books worth reading? We give our detailed review and thoughts on both these books below:

1. The Zoya Factor

This was like a dream combo for someone like me, because it combined two of my favourite hobbies into one good story, aka, cricket and reading. Anuja Chauhan’s dry humour comes with a desi tadka, which is almost always chuckle worthy throughout the book. Zoya’s character comes with so many flaws that we’re immediately drawn to her rather than despising her. The nitbits about cricket are quite well researched and written.


Anuja Chauhan uses Indian English but also tries to avoid flowery expressions. Also, after reading shelves and shelves of books and articles on romance, page 3 sagas and so on, I was happy and relieved to finally have a book that made me laugh and also gave me butterflies.

For every girl (or even a guy who also happens to love reading) who is a cricket enthusiast, this is THE BOOK! The story line isn’t outstanding but the way in which the scenes are portrayed is amazing. The characters are drawn well and the readers can easily relate to them.

My only problem was with Khoda’s character, who seemed a bit too snooty and confused. Nonetheless, I did develop a crush on him,because duh! He’s the captain and he reminded me so much of VK, my real life crush 🤭

I love the style of writing. The wordplay is simple yet engaging. Some of the lines that made me burst out laughing, were

“You don’t look like a blossoming bougainvillea yourself

“If you could move your hands to either side, you’ll have substantial proof that I’m a big girl”

“When you hit a small round object with a piece of wood, it travels very far indeed”. 

Not a must-read but would surely recommend because its a complete chick lit which you can finish easy breezily in a day or two.

2. Battle for Bittora

This book is a laughter ride most of the times. However, it does tend to drag at places. What I liked the most is how, the author with her own hilarious, fun way, manages to give the readers an insight into what it takes to fight an election in India.

The USP of this book is that, even for someone who is not particularly interested in politics,  the workings of an election, the way Anuja Chauhan has put them in the book, are very funny and also quite informative.

Battle for Bittora review

Written with a mix of humor & some tender moments, the book is definitely a good read. The  core team of Jinni provides us with ample humor and sometimes great insights about the political scenario which even Jinni (even though she is the one fighting the election) is unaware about.

My favorite character? Amma (Jinni’s gradma) who we can immediately identify with our own grandparents or even our parents, whose views on politics are so religiously biased. Though a fun and light read, I think it could have been trimmed by some 50-80 pages because it was a slog at times.

Witty, quirky, fresh and spicy – it has all the drama of a Bollywood movie, making it a mass likeable book. It even has the romance of a chick flick and humorous satire of a north Indian political setting, which add to the overall appeal.


Buy the book here:


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