Wonder Women

A Common Goal & Passion ~ Two Digital Media Enthusiasts and Brand Consultants Share Their Story

Pierre Omidyar says,

“Thanks to digital media we have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.”

In our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on #WonderWomen segment, today we present not one, but two such visionary women who understood the importance of digital presence and in order to help brands use this platform effectively started their own platform. Meet, Brand Consultants and founders of Unclutter Media, Loveena Mehta and Devanshee Mavani. How did they come to quit their jobs and come together to start this digital consultancy firm? Let’s find out in their own words.



What got us into it was our common interest to something of our own rather than work a 9 to 6 job for someone else. Prior to Unclutter Media, both of us were working in very bureaucratic companies. We knew each other through common friends and were well acquainted.


In our respective jobs, we always felt there weren’t many opportunities to really make a difference and add value. Fast forward to early 2019, we met at a friend’s house. Over a game of Monopoly Deal, we got to talking – and Loveena simply went like “I want to start working for myself now, all I need is a Graphic Designer” and Devanshee stared at her for a second and said “I am a Graphic Designer”. The 10-minute conversation was all that we needed to start this journey together. We found this clear need for smaller brands to declutter their brand image.  Our mission took shape and now we work towards providing a more affordable and accessible means to help such brands get on social media and build a clutter-free beautiful brand for their businesses. Our pilot project was for one of our friend’s social media page. We worked really hard to create the best content and strategy for the brand and turns out we loved working with each other. As a team we work really well together by playing to our individual strengths to our best abilities. Devanshee is our very own ‘Dealmaker’ and Loveena is our versatile ‘People’s Person’.


It wasn’t easy getting people to understand the importance of digital media and the main challenge we still face is that brands are still not completely aware of why moving to a digital platform online it is of utmost importance. With the increasing accessibility of social media, there is a tremendous opportunity for brands to tap into markets that weren’t possible to reach just a few years ago and our aim is grab this opportunity with both hands for the benefit of ourselves, but more so for the benefit of the many brands that are not reaching to the right audience because of lack of proper or complete absence on various digital platforms.


Signing our pilot project and getting all the appreciation for our effort was a big confidence booster and most definitely the turning point for Unclutter Media. I still remember the joy on our faces and the happy jumps in our office on that day. A tiny victory, but we felt like we were on top of the world! After this project was when our journey really started.


As for motivation, we are each other’s motivation. We work really hard not only to keep our clients happy, but more to give them the best experience that they deserve. And when our clients recognise and appreciate our hard work, it makes us want to run an extra mile for them.


Our journey so far has been great. We’ve gotten an opportunity to work with diverse brands of all sizes. and we plan to continue working with them. Our future plans are to grow our team and improve our services through constant innovation in this field. There have been quite a few successes, as for us completion of each project and getting appreciated for it is a milestone in itself. However the two that we’re most proud of are these:

  1. Unclutter was featured in Midday – it was a big deal for us to be recognised on such a public platform. 
  2. Signing our 10th client – trust us, this was a really good feeling.


Our combined learning through our separate and now combined professional experiences have been

To be patient.


To celebrate all the smallest successes.


To learn to deal with people. 

And most importantly,

To never give up.



To get in touch with Loveena and Devanshee or have a look the work portfolio of Unclutter Media, follow the links below:



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