Travel Tales

Walking Over & Under A Bridge And A Brook

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is the Bridge of Adam & Eve in Pordenone, Italy.


The above photo is taken from the bridge which runs over the river Noncello. I was exploring the city on foot and was done for the day when I came across this beautiful crossing.

That’s when I recalled glancing at it through the bus window when I had entered the city. It had intrigued me then too, so I was happy to have come across it by accident once again. As I crossed the bridge and took in the beautiful view of the river, I saw a path going below to the riverbank.¬†Immediately, I decided to venture out and explore more. As I walked down the beaten path, I came closer to the river and right at the end of the path, I was at the edge of the river.

The best part? The river water was so clear that I could see the bottom of the river!

From down there, I could see the Bridge of Adam & Eve too!

It was like a full circle, getting to see the river from the bridge, and then getting to see the bridge from the river bank!

I climbed back up and captured the river view again, but this time of the other side.

If in Pordenone, its impossible to not walk over this agile bridge with a neo-Renaissance style. It connects the old town area of the Church of Santissima Accedare from Via San Marco. These overlook a cathedral and a slender bell tower that , together with the Palazzo Comunale, forms the trio of the most representative historical buildings in the city of Pordenone.

The boat that you see nestled in the river, makes an excursion on the Noncello river once a week. Though I missed out on that opportunity, I enjoyed the walk around this structure, calmly enjoying the landscape and waters of the Noncello.

Pro-tip: If visiting during afternoon or evening wear comfortable clothes and footwear as there is quite a bit of walking involved and you may end up sweating if you’re dressed in warm clothes.



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