Wonder Women

Battling Depression Through Profession and Passion ~ A Medical Student & An Aspiring Writer Shares Her Story

Israelmore Ayivor says,

“You will never be rewarded for the dreams you slept over day in day out. You will be rewarded for dreams you stay awake and achieved.”


In our today’s #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we present a young dreamer as well as achiever. Meet, Shivaani Ravichandran, who is currently a medical student aspiring to become a physiotherapist and a psychologist, alongside following her passion for writing and poetry too. What motivates her to follow these diverse fields and how does she manage it all? Let’s find out in her own words.



“Being a medical student, my profession is my main identity, but I identify myself more as a writer or rather a poet because I love to write; it makes me feel good. Probably writing is my inbuilt nature because I started writing from a very young age, I remember having my very own personal diary right from my grade 5.

To me writing is a therapy, a safe place to voice out my emotions, to unwind myself, I usually write when my emotions are at an extreme high; irrespective of whether it is sad high or happy high.

I believe that life looks beautiful in the eyes of a poet and to this regard I completely agree with the famous quote by Anne Frank which says, “Paper has more patience than people. I can shake off everything if I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn. “

 I can totally feel this!


The biggest struggle for me as a writer was working up the courage to share my written work with the world. Initially writing was very personal and worked as a therapy for me. Trust me I had never even dreamt of starting a blog to share my writings. I used to mindlessly scribble on back pages of my notebooks when my friends introduced me to Instagram. Here I found an amazing platform where I could share my thoughts and voice out my emotions in the form of quotes and poetry. It took a lot of courage to share my work publicly, but it was not that tough as my fellow Instagrammers encouraged and motivated me throughout my journey.


But the real struggle was to manage my medical course as well as writing simultaneously. This was a constant juggling struggle as for me, my passion for writing was equally important as my medical profession was. I didn’t consider writing as just a hobby but a powerful tool to explore more and to voice out my thoughts through words. With time and through some experience, I have finally learned to balance both well, without compromising on either.


The motivation behind my medical profession and my writing passion are my own experiences. My depression, pain and struggles that I faced throughout my journey are my all-time motivation. My battle with depression was the toughest but giving up is not an option for me. I didn’t want to give up because I wanted my life to be an inspiration for someone to survive during their struggles. My family and friends have encouraged and motivated me throughout my journey, and I’m grateful to them for being my support system through all the lows.


The journey so far has been gratifying. I found a writer, poet, a storyteller in me in as an inbuilt version. This creativity flows from me naturally as I never really made any efforts to sit and learn the art of it.  What I write, is always from my heart and through my emotions. I’m not a trained writer but an emotional writer. I pour out my heart, mixed with my emotions but now I aspire to learn more and write for a cause to voice out the silenced headlines of our society. I share my writings in the form of quotes, poetry and epigrams on my Instagram page.  Very soon I will be publishing my own anthology and books with topics closely related to psychology.  


For now, the only social media platform where I’m actively active is Instagram. But I would like to expand and share my journey of writing through other writing and blogging platforms too in the nearby future. My writings reflect my thoughts on mental-wellness, psychology, body positivity, feminism, equality and self-love mainly. I’m working hard to improve myself so that my words can travel to the roots of the society. The proudest achievement for me as a writer as far was getting recognized by the official poetry world organization through Instagram, (their Instagram ID: officialpwo) Through them, I got the opportunity to narrate a story written by me. The story was about addiction and titled “The Spilled Honey “.


This story of mine was ranked amongst the top 5 best writings and narration of that event. It was a special moment close to my heart, as it was the first open mic event for me in my writing journey.


I’m still learning and growing because I’m an all-time learner.  I started writing as a passion but now it has become as important to me as my profession. I have learnt from my journey so far that

 “Writing is a powerful tool and every word can make an impact on people”

And that,


“Sometimes holding a pen can be like holding a double-edged knife because a wrong word might cut a cardiac muscle deep enough!”


Also, I believe


“Writing has the power to bring about a change and it is a writer’s responsibility to make it happen!”




To drop in a message to Shivaani and to go through her journey as a writer via her poetry, musings and blogs, follow the links below:








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