Letters That Matter

A Year of Grieving, Healing, Growing and Slowly Moving On

Dear Departed Soul (Baa),

A year ago on this day, we as a family, went about our routines not knowing that it would turn out to be the most emotional day of our lives so far.


There I was, out for my evening walk, when I got a call from my father asking my mother and me to be at our grandmother’s place as soon as possible. I could sense right away that something was amiss. Only my mother and I know how we made it there, thinking about what would have happened.

I still remember walking in, finding your bed empty and understanding right away that you were gone. That night and the next few days went by in a blur, crying over your loss and mostly wondering how we would go on without you.This letter is to tell you about our attempts at this.

It has been 365 days since then, and we’re all still reeling over it. You left us bodily, but spiritually we hope you’re still around. In your absence, I like to believe that we have come together strongly as a family.

As to other important happenings, I would like to begin with telling you about grandpa. He was always a quiet person, but since you have gone, he has become even more quiet and talks only when spoken to.


He misses you and we’re trying our best to make up for what we could not do for you by being at his service as much as we can.

Your sons are all doing well and one of them is about to become a grandfather himself. Though our happiness knows no bounds, we know that besides the parents and grandparents to be, you would have been the happiest about this piece of ‘good news’.

Your other two great-grandsons whom you had already met, are growing up so fast! It makes us sad that you didn’t get to spend more time with them.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-24 at 11.50.36 PM

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All your grandchildren are now officially adults with the youngest one now having completed her degree college. Our professional lives have either just kick-started or taken new leaps. But in our personal lives, we still wish to have you by our side.

As for me, I’m now a published author of four books. Losing you and the grief that followed, made me turn to writing as a form of healing.


Baa acknowledgement

I believe that it was this, that led to my successes as a writer in the past year.

My biggest regret is of you not being able to hold my proud achievements and show them off to the world saying, “These are my granddaughter’s books”, with a twinkle in your eyes. Because, I know you would have been the most proud.

Published books

A year has passed since that traumatic loss and not even one day passes without at least one of us thinking about you, missing you and sometimes even regretting. The regret is of not having spent more time with you and more so of not being at your service in a better way.

We hope you can forgive us for our misgivings. And we hope you’re showering your blessings on us from up there.

For all of us, it has been a year of grieving, healing, growing and slowly moving on.

Always missing you,

Your Granddaughter on behalf of the entire ‘Khamanwala Khandan’



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