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A Green Walk Through Two Beautiful Parks

“Nature surrounds us, from parks and backyards to streets and alleyways. Next time you go out for a walk, tread gently and remember that we are both inhabitants and stewards of nature in our neighborhoods.” – David Suzuki

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday are two beautiful parks I visited during my visit to Italy.  It was my second visit to Italy and first time visiting the quaint little town of Pordenone. I had read up few things about the city and the places to visit before landing and setting foot in town.

City view captured en route my hotel from the airport

So, on my first day, after I had dropped off my luggage at the hotel, I wanted to begin exploring as soon as I could. Umbrella in hand and with an overcoat to protect myself in case of rains (I was told it could rain here during any season, any day and at any time) I ventured out without any itinerary in mind.

Venturing out to explore the city without any itinerary in mind

I had walked around a good 10-15 minutes from my hotel when I came across an entry gate to a park which seemed inviting; thanks to the greenery, the benches and the overall natural appeal. So I decided to give it a try and wasn’t disappointed in the least bit.


Waterbody @ Valentine Park, Pordenone

It was the much popular (and touted to be the best park in the city) Valentine’s Park. I explored it in its entirety on foot in around half an hour. With many benches to sit around on, a little pond, some birds for company, and a hilltop kind of point which gives a panoramic view of the park, the walk turned out to be a pleasant experience.

It was easily one of the most beautiful parks I had ever visited. From the running course with attached equipment to children’s games, it even includes a small bar and a huge green area where you can unwind with a canvas and enjoy a sunny day.

Valntine park childrens play area.jpg
Children’s play area @ Valentine Park, Pordenone

I exited on the other end and right across the path I saw an entry gate to another park. Curious and wanting to explore more, I walked in here and soon came across a large beautiful pond (which I read later on is an artificial one).

Have a look! Isn’t it wonderful?


The artificial lake in this park is filled with the water from the nearby Vallona canal. Want to know this park’s name? It’s called the San Carlo Park.

Satisfied me with nature exploits on my very first day @ Pordenone

Though much smaller in size, it didn’t fail to satiate my travel and natural beauty needs. I walked back to my hotel with a smile on my face and memories of a lifetime. If in Pordenone, I recommend all nature lovers to visit both these parks simultaneously as they are literally stone’s throw away from each other.

Pro-tip: Carry an umbrella and wear warm clothes (preferably full sleeves). Also, apply or carry mosquito repellent ointment as both parks have many mosquitoes which can become irritating and spoil your overall experience.

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