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Creativity Abound ~ A Software Engineer’s Multiple Pursuits

Mary Lou Cook says,


“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” 


In our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segment, we’re proud to present a woman whose creativity pours out via multiple outlets like photography, writing and much more.

Besides these creative pursuits (which she prefers calling ‘hobbies’ rather than ‘professions’), she also has a regular job. Meet, Anusha Sridharan, who is a software engineer by qualification and profession, but also dons creative roles like those of a photographer, writer, poet and an artist. What made her choose so many diverse profiles and how does she manage it all? Let’s find out in her own words.




“I’m a Software Engineer by profession but my hobbies include photography, casual art, writing and poetry. I strongly believe that doing just one type of work is failing to utilize one’s full potential, hence I chose multiple outlets to make optimum use of all my pent-up energy.


I began my journey in Photography back in college. What began as a casual mobile photography is now a serious hobby. I saved up money from my first salary to buy myself the basic DSLR – Canon 1300D.



Capturing important moments and unnoticed frames of life is the driving factor for me to thrive to be a better photographer each day.

 Poetry came early into my life, thanks to the holiday homework that I got back in school. I used to write poetry and my mom taught me to write it right, with the proper rhyming scheme. I used to be in awe of how beautiful they sounded when recited. As I grew up, poetry started to make more sense to me. Along with it also began my journey of writing. I started contributing short stories and poems to Quora blogs. It then progressed to me contributing to many anthologies. Today I can proudly say that I am a self-published author with three of my books available on Amazon.


My biggest struggle is about time, as managing it, is still cumbersome. But I’ve learnt that you can always make time for something you love. So, I try to do the same thing, to make time for whatever I love doing – painting, photography, and writing. The other big challenge is getting the support to go on. Sometimes you wouldn’t get the support you need and it would bog you down – that’s when you need to realize that you are your own strength and you need to fight for yourself.


In my writing journey, the first turning point came in on the day when my poem was published as part of an anthology – Whistling Silence. There was another standout occasion with this passion, wherein I was interviewed for Infinity Youth Magazine.

This gave me a  sense of achievement and also made me reflect on how I have come to this point after a long journey.

Anusha feature.png
Anusha’s feature in Infinity Youth Magazine

In my photography hobby, the turning point was when I purchased the DSLR. The day I got my DSLR was during the Diwali 2017. I had clicked family pictures and I noticed that some of my family members had changed their display pictures to the clicks I had clicked of them. That was the best kind of silent appreciation. Even today for many family events, I am trusted upon to cover the event and click candid pictures.


My mom is my biggest supporter and even my source of motivation. She has been a true support in all great ways. She has always encouraged me to do more and helped me explore my true talent. So, due credits to her. Another strong pillar of my strength is my dear husband. He’s been a true support to my creative side. One major motivation that makes me do what I do is the need to express myself, voice my thoughts and convey it to the world, be it any form that I choose – poetry, story or painting


The writing journey has had these milestones so far,

  • Self-published three books so far on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing – Sky Album, Picturesque Aromas of Thought Alleys, and Mixture is the New Secret
  • Been part of several anthologies – Whistling Silence, In Solitude & Solace (Story Mirror), Treasury (Happy Writers Anthology – Lapsus Creations), Postbox (Ink feathers)
  • Successfully finished 2019 Non-Stop November challenge on Story Mirror for Poetry
  • Currently taking part in 52 weeks challenge for both Poetry and Story on Story Mirror 

The future goal with this hobby is to write a full- fledged novel.


The photography journey hasn’t had such remarkable milestones so far, but I intend to continue pursuing it. My keen interest in photography began in 2013. I had done only mobile photography until 2017. I have made submissions to NatGeo Youtshot Photographer and I plan to pursue Photography even more seriously and I hope to have my clicks featured on NatGeo someday in future. The plan here is to make a professional leap through a photography venture. I have done smaller projects and am hoping and aiming to bag big ones soon.


The learnings with all my professions, passions and hobbies have been:

“Following your passion can be both the easiest and the hardest part of one’s journey depending on what one intends to make of it”




“Your hobby or passion could be a setback or something that makes you work harder until you are where you want to be.”



You can drop in a message to Anusha, follow her photography and writing pursuits, or even buy one of her many books by following the links below:




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