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Home is Where Art is ~ A Home Decor Expert Talks About Her Journey

Nate Berkus says,


“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”.


In today’s #FridayFeature focusing on our #WonderWomen segment, we’re proud to present a woman who is an expert when it comes to home décor items. Meet, Divya Jujaray, the founder of Craft Weavers, a platform which offers varied niche home décor products. What is her story and how did she get into this creative, yet under appreciated field? Let’s find out in her own words.




“Ever since I was a child, I have been watching my mother and aunts decorate their homes beautifully, so you can say that love for decor came to me naturally. I always loved buying decorative products from the dollar store during college days as I could afford only a few hundred bucks worth from my pocket money.



A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon the Instagram decor community. It became a medium for me, to showcase my passion for home decor and meet like-minded decor enthusiasts. This gave me a boost to start a home decor business of my own; thus, CraftWeaver’s Studio was born. My pure love for home decor is more of a passion rather than just an interest. As it goes while converting a passion into a profession, the journey of Craftweaver’s wasn’t without struggles either.



All our products have been carefully curated and we had to do tons of R&D before bringing it officially out to the customers. The researching and searching, and finally making the buying of good quality macramé cord was our biggest challenge. It took nearly 3 months to find the right macramé cotton cord. We didn’t settle for anything less than eco-friendly cotton cords. Likewise, we curated and found other categories of products.




I am a die-hard fan of window shopping as this gives me an edge regarding the in-depth understanding of the market and its current trends. The turning point was when within a month of our small business launch, we made a daring attempt to be a part of an exhibition fair. It gave us an exposure and buoyancy to let the buyers see our products physically. A lot of home decor enthusiasts and their positive word of mouth helped us through the exhibition, to get more and specifically the required recognition. The motivation was through the women in my family and my own craving about always wanting to have a career in Home Decor Industry.



I wanted to open a store, but quickly realized that digital market is a boom for the small businesses. I could see so many small businesses doing so well with their unique and genuine products and I draw inspiration from them all.



My family (mom, husband, mother-in-law) has been my biggest supporters. Without them, this venture would not have been possible. My husband has been my guiding force and I would not have reached where I am today without his support & love. My mother is the creative one who makes the macramé by herself.



She is extremely talented, and I am so proud that she is getting her due recognition. My mother-in-law has been the most silent supporter who has been standing behind us strong. I am truly thankful for her motivation, encouragement, and blessings.


I am blessed that all the success and mistakes have made me realize what I actually expect out of this. I want to launch my store soon and it is still under process. I have been taking each step one at a time as I am not person who can do too many things together. I want to grow this business in a structured manner. 


The learning has been that

“One has to come out of their comfort zone in order to achieve their goals.”


This business has helped me improve my ability to deal with the customers and dealers. 




Every mistake has been a learning for me.


It is good to do some groundwork, but we need to be spontaneous too.




To drop in a message to Divya or to have a look and order one of Craft Weaver Studio’s many quirky and eye-catching home décor products, follow the links below:




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