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Going & Growing The Natural Way ~ A Believer in Ayurveda Shares Her Journey

Sebastian Pole says,

“Because we cannot scrub our inner body, we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.”

In our #Monday Motivation blog focusing on the #WonderWomen segement, today we present a woman whose passion towards natural solutions for healthy skin & hair care led her to start something along those lines. Meet, Vaiju Parikh, the founder and face of Daffodil, a platform which offers natural hair and skin care solutions for all age groups & individual. What’s her story and what led her to start this platform? Let’s find out in her own words.



“You can say that my passion towards natural treatments, whether it be for any health related issues or for taking care of my hair and skin, got me into ayurvedic solutions, which ultimately led to Daffodil. At Daffodil, we offer Ayurvedic Make Overs with natural solutions for healthy skin & hair. Daffodil is a platform for natural products & solutions for all age group & individuals.

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As is the struggle for most married women, my biggest one too is the constant juggling between work, home, social & personal life. As we live in a joint family, I always have my plate half full, with personal life responsibilities. But, as they say, you get better with practice planning & dedication, I too have become better, if not perfect in this balancing act. In this regard, I must say that my journey has definitely been smoother because of my supportive husband. Whether we admit it or not, behind every successful-working woman who is married, there is a husband.


Before Daffodil, there were other work experiences which helped me grow and reach here. I used to work as Financial Analyst for a US Based Company after completing my Masters in Business Design (with Marketing majors & Finance minors) But being a Gujarati, the business bug was in my blood, hence I quit the job to for an adventurous pursuit and to follow something I was passionate about.


Initially, I was involved in another small venture with a friend. Here we focused on selling a few products developed by me which were semi-natural hair care and skin products. But somehow, I didn’t find the spark for which I had quit my job and I wasn’t convinced about the ‘one size fits all’ funda behind the semi-natural products. I truly believed that my vision was beyond that as I wanted to promote a whole new lifestyle and way of living, that we have left behind; going back to the roots kind.


Hence, the turning point came when I drifted apart from my first business and its business partner; thus, was born Daffodil. Being my own boss & decision maker is a whole new level of freedom & wild ride.  Till the time I turned 21, I did not use any market available cosmetic or beauty products. My mother never allowed it.


She used to make face packs, oils and very other thing I needed, at home itself with raw fresh plants. She & my grandmother taught me about healthy plant-based living & Ayurveda which inspired me to read & practice it. Eventually I started seeing the positive effects of these and my faith increased.

So, after leaving my job when I thought of something I was passionate about & I would like to do for more than 6 hours with a big smile on my face, the answer came instantly as Ayurveda & natural healing & lifestyle. Yes, it’s tough for an Indian female to work but with Jeet (my husband) by my side , Daffodil grew and so did I. He handles packaging, some of the purchase & accounts. He encouraged me in the first place to work for something I loved and even helped me in setting it up.

With PR like My mother, mother in law, brother & husband, my business flourished in just a few months. Of course, client’s positive feedback also boosts me. When the users of our products share their feedback saying how using the products helped them, it makes my day!


At Daffodil everything is made from scratch using fresh plants & other natural raw materials; everything is customised as per each individual’s need & lifestyle. It’s not about products anymore, it’s about daily habits, natural solutions and home-remedies. It is about changing one’s lifestyle step by step to reach the ultimate goal of being healthy inside-out.

My father taught me from my childhood that one must be independent. He instilled the belief in me that one must possess basic surviving skill which was that “You should be earning & you should know how to cook. I too, personally believe that the basic need of self-respect & personal growth can only be fulfilled after being independent. In order to achieve this, use your skill or develop one to be independent. I always wanted to work in niche market, so I chose my skill & knowledge gifted by my mother and my late grandmother, and my passion of reading to start Daffodil. When you are passionate about what you do, you get tremendous motivation daily to create something new, to explore more and to achieve more. So, my sources of motivation are my passion, my father’s teachings and the skills I inherited from the women in my life.


After starting with Soaps & Aroma Candles, right now we have more than 60 products in our offering through Daffodil. Most of these products are Aromatherapy infused. Another big step was starting Skin & Hair Care workshops. It’s an alternate for products wherein we create daily routine, products & home remedies as per every individual needs & routines. After attending these workshops, one does not need a single product from the market to maintain healthy skin and care. Recently we have also started live online workshops for people outside of Ahmedabad, and so far it has been an incredible experience.

In the future, we’re also planning to add more into the Daffodil basket like food products & dietary supplements. Over and above this, we’re also looking at conducting more workshops related to healthy lifestyle, cooking, food-diet, aromatherapy etc. Adding natural make up in Daffodil offering is also in to-do list for Daffodil.

Through my personal as well as professional experiences, I have got to learn that

everything connects;  each action, each thought, what you put in your body, what you put on your body, what you’re going through physically & mentally, all these factors combined together, affects your health.

You cannot be healthy from outside without being in harmony from inside. You cannot get rid of hair fall with irregular sleep cycle & you cannot get rid of acne with junk food in your plate. Daffodil inspires me to be a better healthy person who likes to share knowledge with others. The goal of Daffodil is helping others become healthy as a whole with blessings of mother nature.



To drop in a message to Vaiju and to inquire or order one of Daffodil’s products, please follow the links below:








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