Wonder Women

Ago No Barrier For Achievements ~ A Teenager’s Successful Foray into Multiple Professions

Vadim Kotelnikov says,

“The greatest achievers are those who are old enough to be wise, and young enough to believe they can change the world”.

In our #MondayMotivation blog focusing on #WonderWomen segment, we’re proud to present a multi-talented young achiever. Meet crafter and author, Apoorva Malik, who runs a crafting platform by the name of The Handmade Store and is a published author of the book Tranquillity. What gives her such focus and determination despite being so young and how does she juggle between studies, crafting and writing? Let’s find out in her own words.




“I’m a student currently pursuing my 11th grade. But more than that I’m proud to introduce myself as an author, a crafter and an entrepreneur. My passion for crafts and writing got me into both the fields. This coupled with my strong belief that ‘a successful life doesn’t always mean strong academics and an average income; most of the times it comes from firmly following your passion, experiencing the struggle and then making your way to the top despite of all the hurdles’ made me pursue both these careers. I was always about passionate about writing and crafting.


When I was in class 7, I decided to write a book with two of my friends. However, despite the writing being good,  nobody took it seriously thinking that we were too young for all this. But somewhere in the back of my mind I always knew I could do this. That very day I decided to write a book absolutely on my own and prove myself by surprising everybody on the day it is published. I wrote and wrote for two years and I was ready with the content for the book, but the problem was the expenses to get it published. This gave rise to pursuing my crafting passion which I thought of using to pursue my other passion, writing. So, I started my own home-based venture wherein I curated all sorts of handmade gifts and crafts and started selling them off by the name “The Handmade Store”.



I continued with this and by the end of the third month I had enough money to get the book published and circulated, worldwide. I got in touch with the publishers, signed the contracts and managed everything right from doing this to doing the bank work. And with these two years of hard work and determination I managed to get my book published and made everyone both shocked and proud on the day TRANQUILITY was in our hands.


Even now at times, my teachers and family members try to drag me out of these things and make me feel that there’s nothing more important than studying and that this is not the age to do all this. But honestly, I have some very different expectations from myself and to fulfill those I don’t mind carving out my own path and following it.


At the same time I can guarantee that they might not be with me in my struggling phase or their opinions won’t match mine, but they’ll be the happiest chunk of people of this planet when they see me conquering the world and this is what has been happening. I draw motivation from own self and my every day experiences. I’ve always given myself what I’ve wanted. The hope for a very bright future and the dream of making my family and everybody proud with my achievements is something that keeps me motivated and doesn’t let me stop.


The future plans? I’m just a seventeen-year-old girl as yet so the world is my canvas really! Currently I’m pursuing psychology and recently authored a poetry book by the name TRANQUILITY which aims to encourage the youth of today to widen their horizons, think out of the box and ignite a spark of positivity in themselves.


I also run my own venture by the name THE HANDMADE STORE wherein I curate all kinds of handmade gifts and crafts. Having a meticulous approach towards crafting, I organise craft workshops for kids. I’m an avid debater and manage my studies simultaneously. In the future, I wish to go for clinical psychology as my profession but at the same time these two things will always be an important part of my routine.


I’ve a lot of things to do and achieve and I believe one life is really less for all that. Since I can’t change anything about getting just one life, I’ve chosen to make the best of it without considering age any barrier.


Throughout my journey, there’s one thing I’m really glad that I’ve learnt.

“You can never do anything in life if you don’t learn to stand for yourself.”


No matter how many people criticise you while you’re struggling, they’ll come running behind you once you’ve attained success. Don’t let anybody make you feel you’re not meant to do what you want to do. In the end it’s always about you.

“Nothing will make you happier than realising that you’re working for yourself and you’re doing what you love to.”



To drop in a message to this young and inspirational girl, or to buy her book and crafts, follow the links below:










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