Author Interview With Ayesha Tanveer

I’m enveloped with overwhelming feelings of pride, humility and even surrealism since the past two weeks. I still can’t get my my grasp around the fact that I’m now a published poet and author of three books and also an editor of one book.

As a member of the writer’s community, I was approached by an enthusiastic reader and book reviewer, Ayesha Tanveer to do an author interview with her.

Ayesha interview page 1

I came in touch with this beautiful soul through the Bookstagram community on the social media app Instagram. She reviewed my first book A Rustic Mind  and we have since been in touch through Instagram.


Ayesha ARM review

Before the release of my second and third books (The Untold Stories Ten Tales) Ayesha and I had a nice long chat about reading, writing and a whole lot of other things.

Here’s a glimpse at the conversation we had.

Ayesha interview page 2

Ayesha interview page 3

Ayesha interview page 4

Besides this lengthy Q&A session, we even did a fun ‘Rapid fire’ round!

Have a look at it below:

Ayesha interview page 5

You can follow Ayesha’s Instagram account through the link below:

Hope you liked the interview !

You can buy my three books my following the links below:

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