How to Celebrate Bhai Dooj Like A Pro If You Don’t Have A Bro!

Bhai Dooj is the clone of Rakshabandhan when it comes to Indian festivals. It is a day for brothers and sisters. It is a good thing that India celebrates each relationship and the sibling relationship also gets its own dedicated day. However, not all of us are blessed with siblings of the opposite sex. In fact, some of us don’t have siblings at all. There are quite a few who are away from each other during Bhai Dooj. So, how then, do such people celebrate? It surely is a good enough reason for FoMo to set in during such festivals.

Are you also a single child or do not have a sibling of the opposite gender? Then this Bhai Doojyou don’t need to feel all left out. In the absence of a brother or a sister, here is how you can celebrate Bhai Dooj, irrespective of whether you have a sibling to celebrate it with.


1. Friends

So what if you don’t have a sister whose house you can’t go to for a meal? Or so what if you don’t have a brother to invite over for a meal? We don’t call some friends our extended family for nothing. So on Bhai Dooj too, instead of with your brother or sister, have your friends over and enjoy.



2. Cousins

Okay, so you don’t have a sibling brother or sister. Why not celebrate the Bhai Dooj with cousins then? They are your brothers and sister too after all, right? It would be a great excuse to meet up and catch up with them too.



3. Mooh-bola Bhai/Behen

All of us have at one point wished to have a brother or sister. Especially people who belong to a single family, always crave for a sibling. So go ahead and make a mooh-bola sister or brother on this occasion. That way you get to celebrate the festival and even get your wish of having a sibling fulfilled.




4. Ride Solo

Put the phrase Akele aayee the, akele hi jaana hai into practice. There was never a time when this was more aptly suited. Gift yourself some ‘me time’ on the day of Bhai Dooj to make up for the lack of siblings.



5. Celebrate With Your Same-Sex Sibling

Okay, so neither of you chose to have the same sex sibling? But that doesn’t mean you don’t love each other, right? Anyway, there is no ‘Brothers Day’ or “Sisters Day’ to celebrate the same-sex sibling bond. So why not do it on Bhai Dooj itself? Sounds a great way to strengthen the sibling bond!



6. Celebrate With Parents

If you are a single child, maybe it would be a good idea to celebrate this festival with your parents. This will make up for the lack of a sibling and a brother or sister. Also, give you some parent bonding time.


So, what are your updated plans for Bhai Dooj after reading this? You deserve to celebrate too, so go ahead!

(originally written for TopYaps.com)

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