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Diwali Memories That Make You Emotional And Take You On a Nostalgia Ride Without Fail

Diwali memories for most Indians are associated with times spent bursting crackers, eating sweets and having fun with family. The festival of lights always leaves behind memories for a lifetime. Right from our first Diwali to the last Diwali, we all have memories which we associate only with this festive season. Are you celebrating this Diwali with your family? Or will you be away from home? Whatever the case maybe some of the Diwali memories always stay with us, whether we are near or far from our loved ones.

Let’s have a look at a few Diwali memories which we associate with this festival that are sure to leave us nostalgic.

The Lamps And Lighting

It isn’t called the festival of lights for nothing, right? But one thing all houses in India have in common during this festive season is the colorful lamps and the brightly lit diyas outside (and even inside) everyone’s home. The after sunset sight is one to behold. The buying of these lamps and diyas is one of those Diwali memories which surely makes us miss home and remember our childhood days.


Shopping For New Clothes

It is an unspoken rule that everyone must wear traditional Indian clothes and that too new ones, every Diwali. For girls, this became an excuse to shop. Right from matching footwear to matching jewelry, shopping for this festival is another memory we all associate with our childhood.


Receiving Gifts

As we grow up we are also expected to give our friends and families Diwali gifts. However, childhood was a time when we were only at the receiving side of gifts and cash. Isn’t that one of your fondest Diwali memories?


Diwali Celebration In School/College

Diwali was one of those rare days during school time where we were allowed to let go of our drab uniforms. A day right before we went for a long Diwali vacation, we all dressed up in our casual best. Are you missing your school?


Rangoli Time

The females in the family got together to create wonderful rangoli designs.



Shooting Rockets at Neighbour’s House

Sometimes deliberately and sometimes by mistake, but one of our rockets was sure to enter one of the neighbour’s houses. Who knew then that this would become one of the most treasured Diwali memories!



Every household in India gets spotlessly cleaned before Diwali. It is an annual ritual we still associate with the festival, irrespective of whether we know the reason behind it. From scrubbing the floors and walls, to emptying our wardrobes, the cleaning of the house brought the family together like few other things could ever have. Isn’t this one of those Diwali memories which make us teary-eyed?


The Cooking & The Eating

Undoubtedly our homes would be stocked with sweets and savories during the Diwali festival. Do you not remember your mom making festive delicacies at home? Gorging on good food is one of those Diwali memories which would be the closest to our hearts!


Are you ready to relive these memories this Diwali?

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