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Is Hogging Your Hobby? Then This Spot Is Your Go-to!

When we think of eating outside, the older generation (45+) thinks of restaurants and the younger generation (13-35), especially teenagers, think of cafes. For the 45+, what matters is good food and that’s where their requirements end.

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However, for the younger ones, its the overall experience that matters. They’ll think about, “What else do I get besides good food?” and that’s where most food joints these days are failing to attract people of all ages. However, we found one such food junction (in Surat, India), The Hog Spot, to be a hit among all ages and generations. And, we’re saying this out of first hand experience.

The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat

We’re regulars at this place and our each visit to Surat is ensured to have a check in at this cafe.

Us at The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat

Why so? Not just because of their delectable food, but the view their cafe offers is straight out of someone’s dream dining area or maybe even a bedroom.

The inside seating area of  The Hog Spot provides an unhindered view of a swimming pool (which is part of a health club located right next to the cafe). We’ve been here a total of 7 times now, and each time we have had a different age group as company (friends, just as a couple and elder siblings)

THS pool view
Interior seating of The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat (which provides a view of the swimming pool next to the cafe)

We wanted to test whether their likability extends everywhere so during our last visit we took our parents there! Guess what? Not only did we end up trying dishes we had never had before at this cafe (because my parents weren’t very willing to trying out world cuisine), but all four of us ended up loving everything that was served.

Their staff is so courteous and helpful that when we asked for dishes with an Indian touch and dishes with a western touch, they patiently explained and recommended what would appeal to all four of us.

Now, coming to the other parts which would appeal the younger generation greatly! Yes, this cafe has something for everyone. Besides the great pool view, they also have books and board games. So, if visiting alone, read and if visiting with friends, play! The wall which houses these books and board games is equally eye catching too.

Display wall of books and games @ The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat

If pool view and the air conditioning isn’t something you’re keen on, there’s an outside seating area which is equally pleasant.

Outside seating area @ The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat

Between the four of us, we ended up having six dishes and had to ask for the dessert to be packed as none of us could ‘hog’ anymore!

With our parents at The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat

Here’s a summary of what we ordered:

  • Minestrone soup

Our rating: 4.5/5

Minestrone soup THS.png
Minestrone Soup @ The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat
  • Chocolate Fondue

Our rating: 4/5 (mostly because we were full and could not finish it)

Chocolate Fondue THS.png
Chocolate Fondue @ The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat
  • Papdi Chaat (our regular dish at THS)

Our rating: 5/5

Papdi chat THS
Papdi Chat @The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat
  • Pancho Rice

Our rating: 3.5/5

Rice THS
Pancho Rice @ The Hog Spor Cafe, Surat
  • Choco Lava Milkshake

Our rating: 4.5/ 5

Manali Chocolate shake THS
Choco Lava Shake @ The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat
  • Cheesecake Cold Coffee

Our rating: 5/5

Manan Capecino shake THS
Cheesecake Cold Coffee @ The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat
  • Pav Bhaji Fondue

Our rating: 5/5

Pav Bhaji Fondue @ The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat


Things which make this cafe a must-visit (in short what we love most about THS)

  • Pool side view
  • Changing display of dishes on (two) TV screen to help us choose
  • The cookies served with hot beverages (totally yum!!)
  • A place which our parents liked too (because they’re averse to such cafes and their food)

What we feel can be improved

  • The proportions of the food (which seem quite less)
  • More of Indian flavour in the dishes and in the overall menu (the Pancho Rice was our least favorite dish because it lacked exactly this)

All in all, a must-visit cafe for all ages, if in Surat.

Also, this would be a great venue for any event, like pop-ups, stand-up, poetry recitals and even for team meetings or get together (which THS hosts regularly)

The other wall (non-window and not next to the pool) at The Hog Spot Cafe, Surat

*THS= abbreviation of The Hog Spot

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