Wonder Women

The Secret Ingredient ~ A Baker’s Journey

Kim Berube says,

“In baking, the secret ingredient is always LOVE”.

In today’s #FridayFeature focusing on #WonderWomen, we present to you a woman who believes in this secret ingredient being the reason for her delicious cooking. Meet the multi talented, Umaima Navsariwala, whose professional caps range from baker, to seamstress and dress designer. How does she manage it all and what got her into such diverse fields? Let’s find out in her own words.



“Nothing says home like the smell of baking”,

this has always been my favourite quote and a reminder to myself when I’m in the kitchen. Through my qualification I pursued designing and sewing, which was very satisfying and got in appreciation too.



However, as a foodie, I was always critical of what I ate and came up with ideas in my head as to how any edible that touched my tongue, could be better tasting.  These ideas turned vocal in sometime when I suggested friends and family on what they could do or should do for making their dishes better. It was on appreciation and results of my suggestions that the idea for Lick n Frolic took seed.



My passion for food, cooking and baking at large came to fruition through this platform. Setting up the business and mastering the art was, and is still an ongoing struggle because I’m a self-taught baker and have no formal certifications or qualification in this field per se.


The turning point came through my first exhibition stall at a popular food festival. Amongst the popular and preferred food establishments, I was a comparative newbie, and yet our stall managed to garner not only a great footfall but also immense positive reviews. Instagram and Facebook helped spread the word on the online platform, but on the offline side, family and friends proved to be great motivators and influencers for my baking journey. I can sum up journey so far through my favorite poetic verse and that is “miles to go before I sleep”


The learning I’ve had is that life is a rocky road and speed breakers will slow you down, hence, move slowly but steadily, but don’t let these blocks stop you or demotivate you!


And also, it is only through quality products that you can lead to and ensure customer satisfaction.



My motto in life is to be better every day, because I believe the biggest competition is always with yourself!


To end and sum up my journey, I’d like to end with some of my own lines

“When the oven is hot,

Cake will bake!

When the cake will bake,

Aroma will spread…

Let the cake bake,

Let the aroma spread,

Just do what is right,

Let patience be your might!”


To follow Umaima’s bakes and baking journey, or if you feel like ordering one of her bakes for yourself, please follow the links below:



Happy Eating!


5 thoughts on “The Secret Ingredient ~ A Baker’s Journey”

  1. So proud to read about Umaima and Lick n Frolic. Brilliant wrIte up for a foudroyant kidsis. Keep it up 🙌


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