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Fulfill Your Festive Needs Through These Personalised Gifting Platforms


The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value


India is a country of joyous festivities. Here we celebrate each occasion, right from birthdays and anniversaries, to small and big festivals, from Diwali to Dusshera with equal joy and aplomb.

Apart from shopping for outfits, what we most enjoy is the buying of home decor and also of course, the gifting!

Are you aware of the latest advent in this segment?Related image

Don’t just light up your house or give out standard gifts! Give it a more personal touch. New to this? We have you covered. Check these personalised home decor and gifting items platforms to get your needs sorted!

1. Thousand Miles

Devyani Shah is the curator of the pretty handmade customized gifting and decor items on this platform. From the occasional, to the festive and quirky ones, this platform has it all. Have a look at some of her best-selling (and pretty) products.

Nameplate Keychain

‘I Love You’ in 100 Languages Projection Necklace

and here’s what we ordered:

An LED canvas frame with a personalized quote! So pretty, right?

Check out more of their products through links below:

Image result for website png

Image result for instagram png

Image result for facebook png

Image result for youtube png

2. The Craft Gallery India

Your personalized gifting needs will be met with a twist of originality and creativity via this platform. From scrapbooks to photo chandeliers, you can be sure to find all kinds of items for home decor as well as to gift that someone special in your life. Here’s a look at some of their prettiest and most creative products.

Personalised Greeting

personalized greeting the craft gallery

Proposal Box

Proposal box the gift gallery india

and here’s what we ordered:

Ins’t that absolutely gorgeous?

Here’s where you can order too!

Image result for instagram logo png

Image result for youtube png

The Travel Knot

Come festivals and holidays, and another thing we get excited about is travelling. Through The Travel Knot, you can give your travelling essentials a personalised touch too. Check out their products.

Personalised Travel notepads 

The Travel Knot travel notepad.png

Personalised Travel Vanity Pouch

The Travel knot vanity pouch

And, here’s what we ordered from their platform.

The Travel Knot personalized travel essentials

A chic personalised passport cover, luggage tag, luggage pouch and a key chain (for the hubby)

Looks stylish, doesn’t it? Get your own personalized travel essentials from them by following the link below:

Image result for instagram logo png

There are quite a few options when buying decor and gifting items, but with these, we hope we have helped you narrow down your search.

Happy shopping for the festive season!!!!


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