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Living in A Bird’s Nest Amidst Nature’s Lap @ The Herb Farm

“My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly

in a corner of nature.”

That’s the quote that came to my mind when I first saw photos of The Herb Farm for our annual family trip and outing. We had decided on our destination to be Igatpuri, but were still to finalize on a resort to put up at, when we came across The Herb Farm. Their tree top cum cottage type rooms, all providing a lake view, immediately appealed to the nature lover in me.

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Reaching there (from Mumbai) isn’t very cumbersome if you follow the Google Maps route. However, do keep in mind that you’ll have to make a u-turn because it’s on the opposite side of the route if you’re travelling from Mumbai (you will need to take a U-turn and travel 500 meters towards Ghoti).

The resort doesn’t have parking space inside its premises and you’ll be asked to park on the highway, outside the resort entry gate. However, this is hardly anything to worry about because its quite safe with a dedicated security person guarding the guests’ cars. We were given welcome drinks on our entry and then were immediately escorted to our two rooms (we were five of us). Once we crossed the reception, the dining space and the swimming pool area (which is also quite well-maintained and appealing)

Image result for the herb farm igatpuri

Image result for the herb farm igatpuri

Image result for the herb farm igatpuri

we came across the eight cottages which had caught my attention and my heart right away through their pictures, and I melted at their real sight too. The tree house type rooms need to reached by taking a flight of stairs.

The room has an outside seating area, with two chairs and a small table, from where you can enjoy the sunrise/sunset or anytime of the day to enjoy the view of the water body located right opposite the entire property.

The Herb Farm room.png

Image result for the herb farm igatpuri

At the bottom part of each tree house cum cottage, right next to the stairs, is a hammock swing. The bibliophile in me wanted to just lie there and read away books all day!

Inside the room, there’s a comfy double bed, a study table, a TV and a cupboard. My favourite part though was the goodie basket which welcomed us with a personal message. Oh! and the bathroom is just straight out of a rural dream, with a glass roof , giving you the feeling of bathing below the open skies and the beauty of nature surrounding you.

It gets quite chilly after sunset. However, to help cope with that, at night, they put up a bonfire in front of each cottage, where you can warm up in front of the fire, chit chatting with friends and family and relaxing on your getaway.

Their dining area is a two-level restaurant (room tariff is inclusive of unlimited buffet breakfast), and the top level gives a great panoramic view of the entire lake from each table, especially those near the railing.

The food options are quite less (if ordering the food; there are plenty options in their buffet breakfast), and the taste is quite average. However, their view and their rooms more than make up for this.

The common area outside the rooms has an area with lounge chairs, where you can put up your feet, stretch away lazily and enjoy the frontal view of the lake. You can even enjoy board games like carrom and a few other outdoor sports like badminton.

They also provide bikes/bicycles with each room which you can use (at no extra cost) to ride around their property. My favorite part of the common area though, was the bench at the end of the resorts. Why so? See the pictures for yourself!

There’s a back gate next to this bench which takes you to the lake front. I recommend taking a morning walk here or just sitting at this bench soaking in nature and observing the sun come up.

We loved our stay so much, that around the same time in the following year, when it was time for a family trip again, we didn’t think twice before choosing The Herb Farm again. Both the times, we’ve had the best of times! Their USP is their room and their location, for which, I definitely recommend giving this little piece of natural island a must try. Because, overall, the look and feel of this place is a perfect fusion between old-world-charm and modern amenities.

However despite our overall pleasant stay both times, there were a few glitches too.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Quality of food and limited options : we felt they had used too much baking soda in their preparation (also note that they provide only vegetarian food which wasn’t an issue for us but it could be for those looking for non-vegetarian food on their getaway)
  • Slow cleaning up or clearing of the dishes in room service
  • If you’re a light sleeper, the passing by of heavy vehicles (the resort is located right next to the highway) all through the night can be a disturbance.

Though for the packaged experience, these can be easily overlooked for a one or two day getaway, so close to the urban cities of Mumbai and Nashik.

For reservations and inquires you can contact The Herb Farm directly. They’re very prompt with their responses and will answer all your queries patiently.

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