A Lake View, Sunset and Some Conversations to Remember

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is the lake at Icchapore in Surat, India.

The first time this came into my notice was on a long drive late at night. It was Diwali time and we had been driving through comparatively darker streets, when a sudden brightness caught our attention. There it was, a waterbody around whose entire perimeter, fairy lights had been put up. It made the entire place look straight of someone’s fairytale wedding. Ever since then, I’d wanted to just sit on this lake’s shore and enjoy the beauty it offered. On some searching around I found out the lake was located in Icchapore village in Surat. I got my wish to explore it from nearby, fulfilled sometime last August.

We (my BFF and I) went there right before sunset, dipped our feet in the cool water, and enjoyed the overall rustic feel all around us, with the village people milling around, some ducks swimming in the lake and some even walking around the lake’s edges. As the sun set, we soaked it all in with a heart to heart conversation which we hadn’t been able to have in a long time.


The place is just a twenty minute drive away from my maternal home and I hadn’t paid attention to it ever before; missing out on this little peaceful island of sorts and not having discovered it earlier was my point regret. If in Surat, drop by to visit this picturesque lake which I’m pretty sure Google doesn’t recommend on its ‘places to visit in Surat’

Pro-tip : Wear full sleeves tees/blouse and full length pants because there are mosquitoes buzzing around. Ecosystem comes with a package deal after all. 😅😛


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