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A Delectable Detour On the Gujarat Coastal Highway

I was visiting Bordi a few years back with some friends and we had put at a cheerful resort just at a walking distance from the beach. However, despite all its splendid services and great rooms, the food provided at the resort seemed a tad costly to all of us. And, since we also wanted to explore more of the local sites and cuisine, we did a little digging around on Google for places to eat, and chanced upon ‘Shiv Panipuri’. It was a little far from where we were putting up, and by the time we had decided on this place to be our dinner destination, it was quite late at night. So, grumbling and a bit skeptical, we made our way through Google Maps. Because its a small town and it was already beyond 9 pm, we had to drive through dark streets and some of us even suggested going back to the resort. However, we didn’t lose hope and within just two more minutes, came outside a place whose bustling activity was in stark contrast to where we had driven from.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-10 at 8.56.22 PM

As it was a weekend, the place was packed. Luckily, just as we parked our car and made our way to the restaurant, a table got empty and we got a place to sit right away. As all of us were ‘hangry’ by now, a lot of variety of dishes were ordered, including Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav, Dahi Puri, Grill Sandwich and Tawa Pulao. Our taste buds might have been biased because of our hunger, but we found all the dishes to be delicious!

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Shiv Panipuri orders.png


Such was our satisfaction with the food that we ended up having our breakfast (after checking out of the resort, and before making our way back home) here too! This time too, despite not being that hungry, we found the food to be scrumptious.

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Witty poster at Shiv Pani Puri

The taste left behind on my foodie tongue still tingled from the taste of their food and I craved for more. So the next time we went to my hometown (Surat) by road, we took a little detour, headed to Bordi, ate lunch at Shiv Panipuri and took the scenic coastal highway instead of our regular (read boring) route.

Image result for dahanu beach


The food combined with the scenery appealed so much to us, that now it has become a norm to take this longer route, where we make a pit stop for food at Shiv Panipuri. In total, I have now been to this charming restaurant a total of 6 times, and not even once have I been disappointed with their food or their services.

Besides their yummy food, the restaurant also boats of a little farm right besides their seating area which has a children’s park, a handful of swings to sit and relax and a few wooden charpoy beds where you can lie down beneath the shady trees in the farm.

Shiv Panipuri garden.png

If driving through the Gujarat highway, do give this offbeat detour a try, for both Shiv Panipuri and the panaromic coastal highway.

shiv panipuri menu.png

Pro-tip: Dahanu is famous for its chickoo, and Shiv Panipuri has some delectable choices in their kulfi section. However, my favorite is their chickoo kulfi.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-10 at 2.22.23 PM

P.S: The restaurant owners also take up catering orders. So, you can make your special occasions and events more memorable through their yummy food too. Here are their contact details.

Shiv Pani Puri contact info

Shiv Pani Puri catering services

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