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Passion & Obsession Turned Into A Profession ~ An Interior Designer & Founder of A Shoe Company Shares Her Story

Hillman Curtis, says,

“The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize, and glean insights that enable him or her to make the invisible visible.

In our #WonderWomen segment for today’s #FridayFetaure, we present a designer who visualized her creativity into not one, but two entrepreneurial pursuits. Meet, Interior Designer and Entrepreneur, Vidhi Parekh, whose fondness for designing made her turn a passion into successful businesses. What led her to start this journey? Let’s find out in her own words.



“For most students, the subject of ‘Drawing’ is just a period of doing time pass during their school days. For me, it was an outlet for my creativity. I was always fond of designing and these half an hour or one-hour classes soon became my most favourite times of the week. This fondness took on a new level when I completed my HSC. Choosing a practical degree course would’ve been an easy and smart choice, but I knew it wasn’t my calling. So, I took the braver way out, applied for a course which appealed to me and got admission into a reputed institute which offered a good interior designing course. 5 years of study in this course and at this institute, actually led me to who I am today.


I would be lying if I say that it has been all hunky dory. It’s always a struggle to learn new things and to make your mark in the designing industry. This becomes an even bigger challenge for me because being a woman in the interiors field itself is a struggle. In this field, people neither take you, nor your skills sincerely. Especially when I’m visiting a site, I get judgemental looks from men as well as women as if they’re assessing my every statement and move and I can hear the question loud in their minds (even if they don’t ask it out loud), “Does she really know what she’s doing?” And it just makes me frustrated thinking, “Why do we always have to prove ourselves to the world” But rather than answering such narrow-minded people with my words, I show them my worth through my work.


The turning point in my professional journey came in 2017, when we started Kraftbuzz. My passion for design and obsession for footwear made me bump into designing them, and thus was born a platform where I share with the world, footwear designed and curated by me. I truly believe in the quote by Marilyn Monroe “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” So, here I am, making each woman capable of just that! My aim is to make people bow down, if not because of respect, then to take notice of the footwear that my customers wear proudly on their feet!


My biggest motivation in life has been my father’s teachings as well as his experiences. He was in his late 40s when his well-set business took a turn for the bad. At that age, when most people think of retirement or start to plan their retirement, my father had to start his business again from scratch. But that’s what inspired me to build something of my own, irrespective of whether it gives you the desired results. My father taught me that if you give your best, you’ll reap the benefits, if not right away, surely in the long run.


My mother has been a great teacher and motivator. She never made us realize our problems and financial crunch and always managed to wear a smile for our sake. My sister too, despite our sibling rivalry, has been encouraging about my work.


This was my given family though, but I’ve been lucky enough to get a great chosen family too, by which I mean my in-laws, especially my husband Vaishal Desai, who always inspires me to work even harder and encourages me to do new things.


I can summarize the journey so far in just one word, which is “Awesome!”Life fell into perfect harmony as if it was meant to be, because both my husband and I started working together for Ateliers DS.


The future plan and aim is to set up Kraftbuzz as a brand, and to establish Ateliers as a benchmark in design.


My learnings from everything is that learning never gets over because you always learn something with new people, new experiments as well as with new experiences. And also, that it’s never too late for anything.


My motto in life is, “Do what you love without thinking “log kya kahenge?” because if you like what you do, success and appreciation will come but also remember that success doesn’t come in a day or two; it takes time and patience.




To follow Vidhi’s amazing creative works in footwear and interior designing, or to buy one of her many sensational products and services, follow the links below:





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