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A Natural Waterfall in A Secluded Village

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Ashoka Waterfalls in Vihigaon, Maharashtra, India.

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We visited this hidden gem last Saturday with a group of friends,after much debate over where to go.All of us were skeptical about how the place would turn out because none of us had ever heard of it before.Someone suggested going here and a short Google search later we decided on giving it a visit.As we approached closer to our destination,our skepticism grew because not only was there a slight deviation in the route as opposed to what was shown on Google maps,but the roads were badly broken too.The entry to the falls requires a ticket which we need to buy from the village(Vihigaon) representatives.As we parked the car and made our way towards the falls which were nowhere in sight,we’d lost all hope of enjoying our short getaway.The steps leading to the falls were steep and slippery,but as the falls slowly came into view,all our frustration went away,because,boy oh boy! What a sight they were.With the falls creating a foggy surrounding and the droplets making us wet,we fell in love right away.

Ashoka waterfall steps

Two of us ventured into the waters and stayed that way for about half an hour sitting on the stones over the water enjoying getting soaked.After clicking pictures and dipping our feet in the water,

ashoka waterfall boys

Ashoka waterfall fun


Ashoka waterfalls group pic

we made our way to the top again,sat at one of the handful food stalls,and did what is most enjoyed at such spots!Had tea and Parle G.To add more charm to this,we even had a plate of Maggi. Though the taste must have been the same as anywhere else,it tasted more delicious than normal.The full stretch around the falls is a beautiful sight and a green paradise with a view of the railway line.The overall experience hence, became more enjoyable and memorable because of the surrounding natural beauty.

Ashoka waterfall back

Ashoka waterfall scenery

If in Mumbai/Pune/Nashik and looking for a day trip,this is a must visit during monsoons.The place is yet unexplored, so give it a try, but try to keep it untainted.
Pro-tip: Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, and if planning to take a dip, carry an extra pair of clothes. Also, ask someone for the deviation.
.Ashoka waterfall route group pic

Ashoka waterfall highway green route

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