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A Manmade Reservoir With Ample Natural Beauty

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Bhavli Dam in Igatpuri, Maharashtra, India.

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Located in the hilly and green region of Igatpuri, this dam is located near the village Bhavali on Darana River, which is a tributary of Godavari river. This earthfill dam on Bham river is a visual treat and an adventure too! The photo here shows the reservoir behind the falls on this dam. As you make your way towards the falls, don’t stop just there,because that sight in itself is quite beautiful too.

But, if you follow the uphill trek via the downtrodden steps, you’ll reach to this spot (in the picture above and below) which stretches along the horizon, with green water and blue skies, and of course the surrounding greenery too.

Your travel and your monsoon trek needs are satiated all in one at this spot. The way to the falls (by road) is a green stretch too and for nature lovers like me it’s the perfect anticlimax.

I recommend visiting it during the monsoons, because the falls are in full flow and the reservoir is filled too! We went at the end of last year’s monsoon, and hence the falls were a bit shallow, but the reservoir was full nonetheless.

However, because the season had ended, there was no one besides us at the spot and we enjoyed the peace and quiet with just the surrounding beauty to give us company.

Pro-tip : Towards the end of your journey, the Google maps route can be quite confusing, so ask a local about which turn to take to take you to the right spot.

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