Travel Tales

A Walk Through An Artist’s Muse

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Nuenen in Netherlands.

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Are you an artist or a fan of art? Then you’ve surely heard of Van Gogh. If so, this place is your eye and mind candy. This little village, which you can explore on foot in about an hour max, is the place where Van Gogh painted most of his famous works.

A typical Dutch village by character, Nuenen has made a great effort in the last two years to show visitors from all over the world where the celebrated artist lived and worked in Nuenen and how he viewed the village whilst living there.

Walking around town has become highly informative and feels like walking into a real-life Van Gogh painting, as it were, as many of the landmarks shown in his pictures are still there today. A little walk around town will take you to all the 23 spots that were significant to the artist, 14 of which he painted or sketched. Some buildings that he painted are still there. You literally follow his footsteps looking up the 17 information columns. You can press the buttons on these columns to get an explanation (in English or Dutch) on why that particular spot was so important to Van Gogh and in which of his works this place was featured. How cool is that, right?

This picture I’ve taken is a spot which inspired the painting titled ‘Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen’.

A replica of the painting can be seen in front of the actual structure and inspiration, which stands as is, even today. If in Netherlands and around the city of Eindhoven, do visit this for some artistic inspiration and to get to know Van Gogh a little better.

Pro-tip : The village is well connected via the city buses from Eindhoven railway station but intercity connection to it may take longer to reach there. So, if travelling from outside Eindhoven, take the train and then the bus from Eindhoven station to reach faster.

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