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Best Phones Under 20000 With Sleek Design And Amazing Features

Best phones under 20000 INR seems a stretch these days! The smartphone market has come up with so many options lately that choosing a good phone has become as difficult as shopping for clothes. While some people like to flaunt expensive phones, most of us look for pocket-friendly smartphones, literally as well as figuratively. Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on a cellphone, right? This is exactly why the affordable smartphone market is picking up so rapidly.

Agreed that there are great options available within the price range of 8000 to 15000 INR. But, if we add just a little more, we would get a lot more from the best phones under 20000. These devices aren’t much higher in price than those below 10,000 INR but they’re definitely high in features and quality. So let’s dive in and have a look at some of the best phones under 20000 INR.


1. Redmi 6 Pro

Black is the color for all and it is always sexy! A trendy look combined with some amazing features makes it one of the best phones under 20000 INR currently on the market.

Attractive features: A dual camera with 12+5 megapixel clarity makes this a great choice for people who love to click photos with some experimentation. The 5 MP front camera is a great catch for selfie lovers as well. Another added advantage of this smartphone is its 64GB internal storage capacity. It can also be expanded up to 256GB by using a memory card. Amazing, right?


best phones under 20000

₹ 12999


2. Vivo V9 Pro

In just under 18000 INR you can own a phone which not only looks chic but comes packed with amazing RAM, camera quality and much more. This is one of those best phones under 20000 INR which has been getting the most amazing reviews too.

Attractive features: The 6 GB RAM is the best feature of this phone which helps for fast and easy navigation between multiple apps. With the 16MP front camera, you can get the best of selfies too. Click pictures and store whatever you look like freely too, because along with 64GB internal storage this phone also provides a 256GB expandable memory.


best phones under 20000” alt=”Vivo V9 Pro, best phones under 20000″ />

₹ 17999


3. Nokia 6.1

Let go of the boring and standard black and white body colors for your smartphone. This one offers two amazingly chic and trendy colors, blue and gold; which along with some great internal features are just an add-on reason on what makes it one of the best phones under 20000 INR.

Attractive features: The 16 MP Rear camera and 8 MP front camera aren’t the best features here. It’s the amazing battery life of up to 20 hours which make it a good choice. If the phone is on standby the battery can last up to as many as 27 days.


best phones under 20000

₹ 15990

4. RealMe 1

The one thing which most smartphone lovers hate is having to continuously make space for new data in their phones. This one comes which great storage capacity added with good looks and other great features.

Attractive features: With a 128GB internal storage capacity you can store as many photos, videos, and music in that smartphone of yours. The 13 MP rear camera has a great feature of fast facial unlock. This feature operates in less than 0.1 seconds as it’s powered by AI recognition. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?


best phones under 20000

₹ 13990


5. Honor 7X

Although not a very popular brand name, this smartphone is definitely one of the best phones under 20000 INR available in the market currently. The budget-friendly range along with some great features make it a good catch.

Attractive features: Doubly secure your phone with the fingerprint scanner and face unlock features. You also get access to new features like Ride Mode and AR lens through software updates. The 4GB RAM and 32GB internal memory are an add-on to the 16MP + 2MP dual primary camera which help click photos swiftly and even store them easily on the phone itself.

best phones under 20000

₹ 11999


6. Moto G5s Plus

Available in two color variants, this Motorola piece looks stylish in both. Say hello to and with this latest and quickly becoming popular smartphone by Motorola. This is majorly thanks to its affordability along with add-on features.

Attractive features: The 13+13 MP Dual rear camera coupled with an 8 MP front camera comes with flash options for both. Thus you can click great photos without any glare. It has a front, as well as, a back camera. The 15W Turbocharging will ensure that the phone gets charged quickly, thus saving much of your precious time.


best phones under 20000

₹ 13498

7. Huawei P20 Lite

Even this brand is as yet unheard of by most people. However, going by the customer reviews, it seems to be a great one and also the best phones under 20000 INR. Let’s get to know what else it offers too.

Attractive features: The best feature of this phone is the camera. The 16+2 MP Dual rear camera offers F2.2 wide aperture and Bokeh effects. So let the photographer in you get satiated. The needs of selfie lovers are even further taken care of by the 24 MP front camera. The selfie camera comes with an F2.0 wide aperture and 3D Portrait lighting effect. The dual-SIM feature, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage are some of its other great features.

best phones under 20000

₹ 19999

8. LG Q6

This is perfect for the lovers of black color and its various shades. Because, the variants available in this phone include Black and Platinum, both of which look amazing and come packed with other good bankable features.

Attractive features: Very few smartphones offer an expandable memory as huge as 2 TB which makes it this phone’s best feature. The 3MP primary camera and the 5MP front camera lets you capture great quality pictures as well. The RAM is a little slower than other smartphones at 3 GB but that doesn’t interfere with its user-friendliness in any way.


best phones under 20000

₹ 10345


9. Samsung Galaxy J8

Bored of black, white and gold colors on your smartphone body? Then this chic and trendy blue colored smartphone coming from none other than one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer needs to be checked out by you, right away.

Attractive features: Other than a great front as well as back camera, this phone offers 64GB internal storage space with an expandable memory of up to 256GB. So fulfill your heart’s desires. The 4GB RAM makes surfing between the apps smooth and easy too.


best phones under 20000

₹ 16990



10. MI Redmi Note 5 Pro

Touted to be the best looking phone of MI in the market currently, this smartphone offers other smart and attractive features as well.

Attractive features: The 4GB RAM makes browsing between the apps and playing of games over the phone quite smooth and easy. A 20MP front camera which is quite unheard of in any other smartphone currently, enables great selfie clicking. The 12MP + 5MP dual rear camera clicks great normal non-selfie pictures as well.


best phones under 20000

₹ 14490

Now that we have shown you the treasure trove for picking the best phones under 20000 INR which one are you going to buy?

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