Wonder Women

Ignoring The Negativity & Continuing On Your Path ~ A Researcher & Poetess Share Her Journey

C.S. Lewis says,

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career. Hence, homemaking is surely in reality, the most important work in the world.”

In our #FridayFeature today, we tell the story of one of those #WonderWomen who is currently a happy Homemaker and had no qualms giving up a successful and well established career. Meet, Poetess, Homemaker and an Ex-Reseacher in Botany, Dr. Shikha Chandel. What made her take a turn into the creative field from a scientific one? Let’s find out in her own words.



“I had been a successful researcher. The scientific community knows me by various works that are published in International Journals (Impact factor). For these contributions, I was once selected for the Young Scientist Award in the 2nd Asian Conference on Plant-Microbe Symbiosis and Nitrogen Fixation which was held in Phuket, Thailand between October 28th-31st in 2012.


There are many other such science and research accomplishments I can boast of. However, life took a turn when I ended up discovering my true self. This journey, which transformed me as a whole, started with my habit of often compiling my thoughts in a diary, giving me an outlet to self-heal.


These thoughts weren’t such that all may want to read or even like the musings, hence they remained private. Over the years, life took its course pushing me through the challenges of pursuing my studies, marriage, motherhood and my social responsibilities, but I never stopped receiving the energy from my poetry. When I picture myself as both the scientist and the artist-poet, I drench in an aesthetic and prideful joy. From day to day experiences to soul searching endeavors, the decisions I made, the upheavals I faced, the fate I accepted, a lot of criticism I faced for not pursuing my profession further.


People asked why in the world, are you sitting at home and stuff like that, yet I didn’t respond to all this negativity, and continued the search for my dream. Despite all this, I trudged along with slow and steady hard work, and a focused determination of more than two decades. All this went into creating this tale of soul seeking self-realization and immortality and I finally ended up publishing my poetry compilation into a book titled, “The Sublime Truth” which by far is my greatest achievement. The turning point was the day I started my Instagram account. Such is the significance of this in my life today that I even remember the date when I shared my first post, 25 March’ 2019, a day after my birthday. Words cannot suffice the courage I gained and in just ten days, I wrote more than 15 poems. A few days, I was in solace with my daughter in Gushaini, Tirtan Valley, Kullu, Himachal, and just writing poems and poems.


I drew the motivation for this odd courage and great opportunity to live my dream, rather than just thinking about it, from my mother. I have committed to memory, her last words, “Fulfill your project and live your dream”. So here I am, ensuring just that, by being freewillpoetess (Instagram handle). My mother has been my inspiration and my guiding star throughout my life. I somewhere portray her life through my poems advancing towards resurrection and enlightenment. My writing is my humble tribute to her and her life which she devoted in creating my brother and me and recreating others as well. I always believe, a woman is a true reflection of her companion, so am I.


My husband who has been my bestie and a true human being, has changed me as a whole and pushed me to be me. I have received a lot of recognition in my scientific community with immeasurable citations of my work. However, it has been through my poetry book (The Sublime Truth) that I really got a chance to make a place in so many hearts, which I find more satisfying.


In the coming, hopefully near future, I also plan to stretch my limits as a woman entrepreneur in hospitality business. So watch out for me and see you there soon! My learnings from all my scientific, creative as well as homemaker job has been to always continue to seek out one’s purpose in life.


The innate capacity of us as humans to exercise introspection and the thirst to learn about our ultimate purpose and essence are what my mom instilled in us.


Interestingly, in this quest to seek my purpose, as a woman, I also try to learn from my relationship with my soul mate, friends and family.”



To have a look at Shikha’s insightful and inspiring words, or to buy her poetry book The Sublime Truth, you can follow the links below:


Have a look at the amazing reviews on Goodreads too if you’re confused about whether you want to buy Shikha’s book or not:


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