Travel Tales

A Natural Oasis In The Middle Of Urban Concrete

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Nirvana Park in Mumbai.

I had chanced upon a random photograph of this park while surfing the net. When I looked at the location, I was surprised to know that it existed right next door to my previous workplace. Visiting the park had been on my agenda from the moment I had seen its photo.

So, few days back, I just decided to go because I was not in the mood to work from home and I just couldn’t put off going here anymore. With greenery of tall and short trees, an arena of colourful flowers, a children’s play area, benches to sit on at various points in the park, a pond with a variety of fish swimming around happily and tree house type towers offering panaromic views of the entire park, this is just the eye-candy and break from the crowd that one would want.


In the thriving corporate and residential area of Powai, this is a piece of natural heaven that cannot be missed.

I spent almost two hours here, working, reading and most of the time just absorbing the wonderful views around me. If in Powai, you should not miss out on this green and colourful beauty. Don’t let the entrance make you think it’s just another garden, because that’s what kept me from discovering this gem of a place from so many years, despite it being right in my face.

Pro-tip: The time between 3-6 is a little crowded and you might find it difficult to get an empty bench to sit on. So go before lunch time if you can, and if you want to get a good spot from where you can enjoy all the beauty that the park has to offer.

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