Wonder Women

When A Hobby Becomes A Profession ~ A Homemaker Turned Baker Shares Her Story

Jill Churchill says,

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one”.


In our #FridayFeature for today, we present one of those rare #WonderWomen, whose professional journey began after she became a mother. Meet, Home Chef and Baker, Vidhya Jaju. What led her to convert a hobby into a profession? Let’s find out in her own words!



“Baking was something of a respite – a hobby of sorts which used to get me excited whenever a birthday or anniversary was around. I used to whip out my creative best by making cakes at home, keeping in mind the personality and likes of those for whom I was baking. This would have gone on as is, if it hadn’t been for an innocent question from my daughter.


I am a mother to twins, a boy and a girl. While my son was just happy to get a chance on satiating his sweet tooth, my daughter wanted more from me. Her best friend’s mother is a doctor. Seeing her BFFs mother so professionally active and in her element, my daughter always came up to me and asked why I didn’t do anything or become something. She even once poured out her feelings completely and said, “See my friend’s mumma is a doctor, I wish you were also something.”

For a mother, that can be quite demotivating, right? Despite putting in my best, if I couldn’t be someone my daughter could look up to or get inspired by, I felt like I wasn’t putting my best foot forward. Hence, this became the turning point and thus was born Bake Me Pretty by V&S


So, I’m the ‘V’ in that name, and the ‘S’ is my sister, Sheetal. It was with her that I used to spend hours in the kitchen making the cakes for those birthdays and anniversaries. Hence when I pitched the idea of baking professionally to her, she was just as excited to start bakemepretty by V & S.


Honestly, there haven’t been any struggles or road bumps as such, because Sheetal and I both began this venture with complete support from our husbands and in-laws. Though my sister is no longer an active partner in Bake Me Pretty, I can count on her nonetheless.

All in all, it was and is even today, a very supportive environment. In fact, it is this surrounding from which I draw my biggest motivation. Be it my husband, or my in-laws, and in fact even my children, I am always appreciated for what I’m are doing. I personally believe that these little positives and constant reminders play a huge role in boosting one’s confidence in whatever one does.


Challenges are a part and parcel of such a profession, and of any profession for that matter. Designing the bakes, whether a cake or a pastry or even a cupcake, must be done keeping in mind the client’s requirements, the occasion and also their likes! This is quite challenging when you hardly know the person. However, despite that, the journey so far has been a beautiful one, with little ups and downs, many successes and a few disasters too. But they’ve all taught me a lot of things. The biggest challenge and a must required for our field is to keep ourselves updated with what’s happening around and to keep trying new things.


The milestones? For me, undertaking each new trial of cakes which come with a different style and getting that done well, is nothing short of achieving a milestone. When the client says that the cake is just what they wanted, and sometimes when they say it’s even better than they had expected, that’s what milestone is for me!


The learnings? Well, I take everyday as a new learning, because for me every new cake is a new venture which brings along some or the other innovative way of baking!

The future plans are not very ambitious, but I do want to keep trying new things and establish a name for Bake Me Pretty by V&S; maybe not on a big scale but at least a little something I can boast of.


I’d also like to take this chance to send out a huge thanks to my kids who pushed us to do this. And I’m also grateful to my families and my better half whose support keeps me motivated,as this really could not have been possible without them.



You can have a look at the pretty cakes and bakes of Vidhya (and Sheetal) and even order one for yourself by following the links below:



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