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Bird Watching And Nature Trial On A Sunday Morning

In focus for today’s Traveler Tuesday is the Gavier Lake in Surat, Gujarat.


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Being born and raised in this diamond city, I never viewed it from a tourist or traveler’s point of view. Now that I’m settled in another city, the perspectives have changed because I’m an occasional visitor rather than a permanent dweller in the city. Hence, doing something offbeat when visiting Surat, is now always on my mind. So when my friends told me about a lake where we could watch a variety of birds in their natural habitat, I was game! We visited it on a Sunday morning, sometime around 10am. I was pleasantly surprised that such a beautiful place existed so close to the city and I was never aware about it. With viewing cameras placed at various points around the walking trail, you can observe the birds flocking or just lazing around on the lake’s water.

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For nature lovers and bird gazing enthusiasts, this is a hidden paradise. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a walk around the lake while drowning oneself in the flora fauna and the wetland, this is just the kind of getaway you might be looking for.

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Maintained by Nature Club Surat, the lake and its vicinity are quite clean. In fact, Nature Club also organises lake cleanup drives regularly and one of its major success stories was the clearing of the water hyacinths which were taking over this wetland. Surtis, and other visitors to the city who think there’s nothing to do and see in Surat besides food ravaging, add this to your list!



But, when you visit, please do ensure that you don’t pollute the area with trash, as the volunteers work hard to sustain its natural beauty.

Pro tip : It recommended to visit this place early morning for a beautiful view of the sunrise; unfortunately we missed out on that. Also, wear trekking/comfortable clothes with sports shoes as there is reasonable amount of walking involved.

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