Wonder Women

Motivation To Use Inner Voice & Be A Guiding Force ~ A Psychotherapist and Psychic Healer Shares Her Journey

Rollo May said,

“The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free”.

In our today’s #FridayFeature we’re proud to tell the story of one of those #WonderWomen who help spread such freedom.

Meet Poonam Iyer, a Psychotherapist and Psychic Healer, whose own battle with anxiety, led her to provide support to other people facing similar mental health issues. But, what is her story and what got her into such a positive, yet challenging profession? Let’s find out!



“My own struggle with anxiety and stress, helped me empathize and connect emotionally with people on a personal level. This self realization, coupled with a motivation to do more in terms of using inner wisdom and being a guiding force to give back to the society, encouraged me to take up psychotherapy and psychic healing.


To give it a professional touch, I got certified as an NLP Master Practitioner from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and also acquired a Diploma in Psychometrics.


The more I learnt about the field, the deeper I wanted to delve in, which resulted in three more certifications making me a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a Certified Life Coach in Transforming Lives, alongside a Certified Advanced Diploma in Angel Healing.


Today, I’m also a proud Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. These, and my clients positive recommendations as well as feedback, are what I count as my milestone of success. As a Trainer by profession, I was always fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect, and I’m devoted to helping people make better decisions — and lead happier lives. I believe that nothing is fated, that everything is fluid — and that the cards have the power to inspire courageous, life-affirming action.


But only if you honour your emotional & intuitive reactions for what they really are — a quiet, guiding intelligence.Hence the urge and drive to understand the mystical world and its energy fields which effects human beings, got me in to this profession, to explore possible choices & outcomes, and unfurl the ideal road-map to the future you want to create.


My biggest motivators are dedication and passion towards my work with a focus on helping as many people as possible, with a slow but sure way of mental healing and wellbeing. Giving in my best to help those in need to bring out their best, is yet other driving factor for me. A lot of people today suffer from depression and resolve to medication to help cope with it, without exploring other options.


What most people fail to realize is that self analysis and realization would help to develop your own hidden potential and guide you to face your own self created obstacles, in a much better way.


This is what I assist and guide people in, for them to live a healthy lifestyle with positive thinking and approach in all their endeavors.


With this in mind, my future plan is to provide maximum assistance towards mental health for people struggling with psychological issues like stress, depression and addictions.”




To know more about Poonam, or to seek help for yourself or your loved one’s mental wellbeing, please get in touch with Poonam by using the below links:


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