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A Bird’s Eye View Of Rotterdam From Atop The Euromast

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Euromast in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

In one of my previous travel tales, I’d mentioned about my failed first attempt to get atop this tower because of torrential rains in the city. Luckily, and because I’m not one to back down on my itinerary so easily, I smartly chose a sunny day for my second visit, and got my wish to view this city from the tallest tower in town, fulfilled. Though the view was everything I’d wished and hoped for, I wasn’t prepared for the strong gusts of wind at that height. So, the sight was definitely breathtaking, but moving around the periphery of the viewing board, made me scared of getting blown away by the wind and breathing my last (get the joke?).

I captured this photo from top of the tower, where you can see the shadow of Euromast falling on the green trees and grass of the adjacent Het Park. You can also see the famous Rotterdam skyline with the landmark structure of the city, The Erasmus Bridge in clear view.

Image may contain: sky, text and outdoor

Unfortunately, because of the windy weather, the Euroscoop, a panoramic glass elevator, which rotates till 185 meters, was shut. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the bird-eye view of this architecturally rich city from the tallest open tower in the Dutch country. If in Netherlands and in Rotterdam, don’t miss this chance to experience the city from a height of 100 meters! At a minimal rate, the platforms at Euromast are accessible for everyone who is not afraid of heights (or of strong winds 😜) So, I’d highly recommend giving it a visit.

Pro-tip : If you’re afraid of the strong winds, I suggest visiting during the summer season.

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