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When Life Grows After Marriage ~ A Designer & Founder of A Fashion Label Shares Her Journey

Karl Lagerfeld says,

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality”.

Our #WonderWoman in today’s #FridayFeature too, is a designer who believes in making a statement through her work, which is *drum rolls* designing of clothes. Meet, Jalpa Majithia, a freelance fashion designer, who despite getting married while still just in her teens, continued pursuing her dreams and finally made it big! What is her story and how did she become a designer? Let’s hear it in her words.



“Buying ready made clothes was never my thing, especially when it came to ethnic wear. Instead, I chose to buy the fabric myself, came up with designs based on the cloth material and the latest trends, and then got it done through my tailor. When these outfits started drawing in regular compliments whenever I attended a social event, that’s when I thought to myself, “Maybe it’s time to take this to the next level and give it a professional touch and finesse.”

Hence, yes, the seed was sown quite early. In fact, I wanted to pursue Fashion Designing right after my SSC; however, due to family obligations and societal expectations, I settled for the commerce stream. I got married when I was just 19 and was still pursuing my B.com degree. However, let me clarify that despite what the society believes and thinks, it was not a forced marriage and I’m proud and grateful to say, “I’m happily married”.


I must be one of the very few women who went on to not only complete my graduation, but even pursue my dream of becoming a designer. After graduation, while I was busy adjusting to my new family and attuning myself to their daily routines, I still did not give up on my dream. I wished to join a good course to give wings to my desires, but was weighed down by family responsibilities, as soon after my marriage, I became a mother too. But my husband held on to my passion as much as I did, and we continued our search for a good institute nearby, which I would be able to attend without shirking my family responsibilities.

Lucky are those women who find a best friend in their own husbands; hence I feel immense pride in giving that title to my husband. Just I was beginning to think it wouldn’t be possible, I got a WhatsApp message from my husband one day, showing me the receipt of my admission at iINIFD Kalyan. We had finally found an opening! And that was the day my professional dreams took flight and the day that turned my life around completely.


After completing my diploma course in fashion designing from Inifd Kalyan (I topped my batch in final exams of INIFD Kalyan), I started practicing as a Freelance Designer. Within a few short months, I started getting orders from known as well as unknown people; word about my designing skills had spread around quickly.

As for (educational as well as professional) feathers in the cap, there have been a few I’m very proud to boast off and which have been great boosters.


I participated in Kaira 2018 (organized by INIFD Kalyan) and at this mega event, my outfits were showcased by the evening’s most important person, the SHOWSTOPPER. This was a big achievement for me as I got a chance to walk the ramp with supermodel Sucheta Sharma James and Dev Paimal, who both wore outfits designed by me.


Besides this, I also got to visit Bangkok and be part of a 7-day residential course on Visual Merchandising in Fashions. This exposure helped me improve my vision and ability to see things differently. It helped shape my skills and with the help of my mentor Pallavi Subhash, I got to learn how things work in the fashion industry at a practical and global level.

I added one more degree to add-on to my designing skills by clearing the LST (London School of Trends) with flying colors.

After my freelance designing services started getting in regular work and great recommendations, I decided it was time launch my fashion label. That’s when Kutworc-Customise your style took flight. With this label, my intention is to connect easily with my existing as well as probable clients and have a platform to showcase my work. While the fashion industry is very huge and there are many fashion designers, not all of us can afford to buy from huge brands and most just dream about dressing up beautifully. That’s where Kutworc-Customise your style comes in, as it helps in fulfilling one’s dream by customizing outfits with personal requirements, and within your budget.


My biggest motivation was, is and always will be my husband. He was strong enough to believe in my dreams, even when I had started to lose hope. He trusts me and inspires me to give in my best. When I fail, I look for him to bring me up and when I succeed, it’s him I want by my side to share my joy. Hence, it’s him I credit all of my professional accolades to.

The roots of our country and nation lay in our family values; and I’m proud to be a thriving part of this, because, ours is a huge family; and even after 16 years of marital life, four generations of us, right from my husband’s grandmother to my 12 year old son, live together under one roof, in a loving environment. And each of them, motivate and help me in their own. Even my son despite being so young (who I’d like to mention, is also a state level badminton player), is matured enough to support me in the best way he can.


To all the women (and even men), I just want to say, that “Work hard and never give up on your dreams. Because, though it takes time and patience, everything will fall in place at a proper time and it’ll all be worth it, because it’s never too late to live your dream after all!”


The journey ahead? Well, it’s too early, because it has just been a few months since I launched my label. But, by nurturing my talent and my skills, I aim to nurture the label too.




You can follow Jalpa’s amazing designs (and get one designed for yourself too!) at the below given links:


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