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Interesting Games for Girls Which Are A Perfect Break From Work

Gone are the days when games for girls were limited to playing house or with dolls. Pretty soon, as a girl grows up, she’d crave for more exciting and engaging games, which can help her escape the drama and stress of everyday life. If a girl is a working woman already, then these games for girls become a necessity. These games are also a perfect way to deal with the boredom of everyday life.

Instead of engaging in gossip or looking at videos, why not play one of the many games for girls available on the internet these days. To help you choose, we have compiled a list of the 10 best ones, in terms of challenge and engagement levels. Enjoy!


1. Jewel Match Winter Wonderland

Available on both iOs and Android, this is the perfect game for girls who want a break during work. It would be a great way to entertain oneself after work hours as well. In this game, you need to line up matching holiday jewels to break them out of their frozen boxes. There are 150 levels! Naturally, that’s more than enough to keep you hooked for a long time. The relaxing soundtrack is an addition to the enjoyment of the game. Here is a sneak peek into the game.


2. Choices: Stories You Play

What if you got a chance to write your own classic? Imagine shaping a story the way you want, with twists and suspense. The way to move ahead in this game is to pick an option from the given choices that you’d like to happen next in the story. Isn’t that great? This is probably one of the most popular games for girls out there currently. It also lets you escape in the world of sensual and romantic fantasies.



3. Dress Up-Princess

Every girl likes princesses. They were her heroes in her growing up years. How would you like to create a princess of your own then? Or maybe imagine what your favorite princesses looked like? This game allows you to choose everything from the princesses hair to make-up. No wonder it’s a huge hit when it comes to games for girls!



4. Home Street

So what if your dream home has been put on hold or if you are planning to buy your own home in real life at a later stage? Home Street allows you to create your dream house right from scratch. Though the home is a virtual one, you would enjoy creating it wall by wall. Isn’t that amazing?



5. Bollywood Dress Up

Who isn’t a Bollywood fan, right? The dance, the music, the clothes, we love everything about the movies! So here’s your chance to create your own world in Bollywood style. Style up the women the way you’d like through the various Bollywood type options on clothes, makeup, shoes and what not!




6. Hair Do Design-Girls Game

Which girl doesn’t like having the perfect hair? If not a reality, this can be a virtual goal achieved now thanks to this games for girls which allows you to give a complete hairdo along with makeup to a girl who just got hair spa done. You can choose from the various hair types, hairstyles, haircuts, and a variety of other things.



7. Fame City

Almost everyone dreams of becoming famous and walking the red carpet? If not in reality, this dream can come true virtually through this game. You start from the bottom and need to slowly raise to your celebrity status. Once reached, you will get access to a host of things like VIP clubs and luxury penthouses. You even get a chance to rub shoulders with cool agents, producers and other celebrities who will help you become a movie legend!



8. Cooking Dash

You’d find only a few women whose hobby doesn’t include cooking. They’re practically trying out a new dish almost every day in the real world. Well, now you can do it virtually through this game as well.



9. Restaurant Story

Opening up a cafe or restaurant of one’s own has become a very popular ambition in the past few years. Are you one of the aspirants too? Then get your aspirations virtually fulfilled through Restaurant Story!



10. Insta Girl Dress up

Instagram is every millennial girl’s new found BFF. If you are addicted to this social media platform then one of the best games for girls is giving you a fun way to explore the world of Instagram. Dress up the bot girl and see how her final appearance would be received!


Go make office and work breaks more fun. If you know of any more such games, let us know in the comments! For those who want to know more, we have a list of time pass games too!

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