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When You Need To Choose Between Passion & Profession ~ The Founder & Owner of A Makeup Studio Shares Her Story

T. D. Jakes says,

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose”.

In our #FridayFeature today, we will talk about a #WonderWoman who bravely decided to follow her passion rather than settle for a secured profession.

Meet, Mitali Desai, founder and owner of Makeupbydmitali , who let go of her profession in pharmacy in order to become a makeup artist and eventually, a successful woman entrepreneur. What made her come to that decision and how has her journey been so far? Let’s hear it in her own words.



“Looking at the beautiful outfits, hairdo and makeup of actresses and models, excited my childhood self like few other things could. This is why ever since I was small, I was aware about all the international brands of makeup products and how to use them. So much so that whenever any friend or cousin wanted to go makeup shopping, they would tag me along or ask for my recommendations because I had the appropriate knowledge about the favourable products to be used according to people’s complexion and type of skin.


Apart from this, my personal makeup and styling too, drew in immense compliments from known as well as unknown people. These were the little things which ultimately helped me build up the courage to start DM The Makeup Studio. But what lead to it? Well, that’s the actual story!


As a woman, and that too a married woman, especially in a country like India, where choices by a woman are still questioned and judged; it is very difficult to choose between a profession based on academic studies and a profession which helps you to follow your passion. Even in my story, I had to go through this situation. Should I continue my actual profession of a lecturer or follow my dreams of becoming a makeup artist? This was a million-dollar question which kept me on the horns of dilemma for quite some time. However, the encouragement and motivation of friends and family helped me take the plunge and I decided to follow my dream.


Yes, of course, it hasn’t been smooth sailing and it isn’t so even today. But it was never easy in my previous profession either. So that’s what I keep reminding myself, that at least at this point, I’m doing something that I’m passionate about, so the results will be more satisfactory, and I can tell by experience, that they ALWAYS are.


As a married woman, managing personal as well as professional life is a big responsibility. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances I had to resign from my teaching profession. But then I am not a person who would sit back and do nothing. There was this urge inside me to get out there and do something worthwhile which provoked me to spread my wings and follow my passion. I was lucky enough to have a supportive husband and in-laws by my side, who encouraged me to get involved in some work. That’s where my passion met my profession. I took up some learning in the field and after a few months I successfully completed 3 levels in professional makeup artistry. To add-on to this, I also started attending many workshops which have all been extremely insightful in helping me grow as an artist.

They say, having a few faithful and honest friends by your side makes your richer than any wealth can, and I couldn’t agree more. Of the few I’ve blessed with, there are two who deserve to be mentioned. It was with the help of my mentor Dhiti and my childhood friend Forum that I was able to promote my work on social media through my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Initially, through word of mouth, people started recognizing me and my work, and I got many clients. I even expanded my horizons by taking up fashion shoots, doing celebrity makeup and undertaking makeup assignments for fashion shows. These opportunities and exposure also got me some international clients! It was after these early successes, that I inaugurated my own makeup studio. Back then, it was the only makeup studio in town. Very few people were aware about the profession of ‘Makeup Artist’ and what it entails. A local magazine flashed my name in the category of upcoming makeup artist in town when I started out, and presently I can proudly say that I have proved them right.


There have other ‘feathers in the cap’ to boast of too. One of them was when a multinational conglomerate invited me to conduct a makeup workshop for their female employees. Other than this, just a few weeks back, VLCC, a well-known beauty and wellness institute, awarded me for Outstanding Performance in the Beauty & Wellness Industry.

With great recommendations from regular clients and through social media exposure, DM The Makeup Studio has grown, slowly but surely and steadily. As for the future plans, my dream is to work hard and get certified by Mario Dedivanovic, (makeup artist of Kim Kardashian)


Moreover, I also want to change the definition of makeup – I want to make people understand that makeup is not just a plethora of colours with which you can paint your face, but it is something that defines one’s features and helps enhance one’s identity like never before. With this purpose in mind, I want and intend to expand my studio and makeup academy on a national level.



You can have a look Mitali’s amazing work, or book a makeup appointment at her studio by following the handles given below:


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