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Sunrise, Sunset And Closeness To Nature @ Anchaviyo

In focus for today’s #TravelerTuesday is Anchaviyo at Palghar, Maharashtra, India.

We were looking for a place to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and had almost settled on a resort in Goa when we chanced upon this resort. One look at their igloo room and we were both sold; we made our reservations the very next day. The river front location, vast expanse of greenery and the variety of rooms the resort provides, are all major USPs of the resort. So, if you’re looking for some quiet time away from the city, and yet not too far away, this is your go-to. However, some drawbacks include a little laidback and arrogant attitude of all their staff (we had to make a few calls everytime for them to clear the dishes after our meals and I also wanted to plan a lil midnight surprise for our anniversary but it didn’t work out because they were unwilling to make a few arrangements) and also, the rooms are quite pricey, so be ready to shell out major bucks. Despite all that, we did have a great time, enjoying the scenic sunrise/sunset from our Igloo room on our first day and from the yoga deck the next day. (We stayed for two nights and the second day we stayed in the Traveler’s cabin). Also, they only serve vegetarian food, so that’s another minus for the non-vegetarians. But whatever food we had, it was lip-smacking so you can definitely let go of your non-vegetarian diet for one or two days. They also set up the room and the bathtub with flowers, bubbles, candles and balloons for our midnight anniversary celebrations, and they do that (on request) for every guest. In the end, besides some hitches, it turned out to be quite a memorable experience. So, I’d recommend giving it a try !

Pro-tip : Planning a group outing at the resort would be a great idea because they have some very beautiful rooms for groups of 5 to 8 people. That way, your per head cost becomes lesser too. Also, their poolside swings are simply amazing, so have at least one of your meals there.

P. S : This photo is taken from their yoga deck right after the sunrise.


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