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Apps That Will Help You Look Flawless In Your Every Picture

There are apps like Beauty Plus which help in adding effects to the photos captured via our smartphones. Our phones are no longer just used for making and taking phone calls, they are our go-to for almost every task. With apps like Beauty Plus, we even have beauty at our fingertips. In a world where selfies are becoming more and more of a craze, clicking a good selfie is almost like a competition. But thanks to apps like Beauty Plus, we can now even edit the photographs captured on our smartphones. Also, here are some Smartphones with which you can take awesome selfies!

The options of blurring, removing blemishes, adding brightness, framing the photographs, changing the lip shade, adding text, everything we want to change or add to our photographs,  is now easily possible because of apps like Beauty Plus.


Let us look have a look at some of the best and most popular apps that are as good as Beauty Plus:-


1. PIP Camera

With the PIP Camera app, you can blend your photo in more than one unique ways. You can choose from a collection of 35+ PIP frames, 100 stickers, 20+ effects, fonts, 10+ backgrounds and much more. The best feature of this app is the amazing pic-in-pic photo effect, which also is the most popular feature of the app.


2. TouchRetouch

How many times have we wanted to remove unnecessary elements from our pictures without having to crop the image? Well, this is one of those apps like Beauty Plus which lets you remove unwanted objects and much more.



3. Mextures

Adding layer upon layer on any image is now easier thanks to Mextures. With 12 different blending modes per texture, every new layer adds a dynamic range of possibilities. These include hand-made artifacts, element textures, dusty vintage film scans, and many more.


4. Filterstorm Neue

Want to edit only a certain part of the captured image? Then Filterstorm Neue is the app you are looking for. With this app, you can select sections of the image and edit them to increase or decrease brightness/contrast, insert text/frames. There are also other awesome features that you can use.


5. YouCam Makeup

We can’t have a professional makeup look in each photograph, right? But thanks to apps like Beauty Plus, we can add amazing makeup effects to our faces captured on the phone’s cameras. You Makeup Photo Editor is an amazing app wherein you can change eye color balls by replacing eye color with different eye designer lens and there are other amazing features too.


6. LuCid

With options to change the hair color to the skin tone, LuCid is one of the few apps which allows and offers so many options for stand-alone photos. This is perfect for those who love clicking pictures and sharing them on social media.


source: TopYaps

7. PortraitPro

The advanced face detection, updated interface, and faster software make it easier to edit pics through this app. Winner of the Pixelmania Award, this is one of the best apps out there today for portrait retouching.


8. Retouchify

The best part about this app is that it lets other people, especially professionals, edit your images. With Retouchify, your photos are edited by real people, professional photo designers. How cool is that?


source: Top Apps Like


9. Picsart

This one is my go-to for any sort of image editing plus the creation of social media posts. With a plethora of free images available on the app, you can choose one which fits your social media needs. You can even add stickers, text, and effects to one of your captures itself.


10. Font Candy

Adding text to captured photos is the in-thing these days. So why not make this text stylish? Font Candy gives you many options in terms of font, font color, font size and much more. Though a bit different from Beauty Plus but it is certainly worth using.

These are the apps that are like Beauty Plus but with their own cool features. So, which one (or more) of these apps are you planning to use for your image editing purposes? Do you have any more to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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