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Funny WhatsApp Videos That Are The Perfect Midweek Stress Busters

There are so many funny WhatsApp videos being circulated around almost every hour. With WhatsApp being one of the most active interactive platforms around the world, this hardly comes as a surprise. Often we also turn to WhatsApp in-between our work routines to take a much-needed break. With all of us being such active users of WhatsApp, the content exchanged and received does have a lot of humour in it. Forwarded messages, GIFs and conversations, WhatsApp indeed is a pool of entertainment. These also include some funny Whatsapp videos, which sometimes go on to become a viral sensation.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine, today let’s have a rundown at topmost funny WhatsApp videos. These would be the perfect stress buster on a day when you just can’t seem to find a way out. Go laugh away!


1. Gol Gappa Eating Cow

We Indians (especially women) love our gol gappas (or pani-puri)! But, have you ever seen a cow gorging over these delicious water balls? This video instantly became popular because of its absurdness and hilarity. No wonder, it became one of the most circulated funny WhatsApp videos.



2. Baby-Dad Bonding

The father is always the cooler one when it comes to parenting. Some of the most hilarious videos showing the baby-father bond have come out in the past few years. However, this one was definitely one of the funniest in recent times. Check it out below.



3. Confused Baby

The sight of twins confuses most adults, so when a baby looks at them for the first time, it’s bound to be confused. However, the reaction is super adorable. This video showed various babies’ reactions to their parent’s twin in a hilarious manner.



4. Men Will Be Men

Not being sexist, but this video was hilariously accurate in pointing out the difference between what excites women and what excites men. We are sure you will agree to most of the points!



5. Terrorist Cutting Head

Something as serious as terrorism cannot be funny, right? But WhatsApp made that possible too. Check out this video and I dare you not to laugh out loud!



6. What is Your Name?

The answer to what’s your name is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? But, not so for people who don’t belong to our country. This video on how Americans try to pronounce Indian names is so on-point that it’s hilarious. We are sure you will ROLF!



7. Don’t Mess With A Smart Kid

Kids are innocent is a myth. When you piss them off or try to trick them, some of them can be pretty mean! The smart kid in this video gets back in a way that its the funniest thing you’ll see in a while.



8. Monkey Driving Scooter

Some of us fumble with our driving skills even after years of learning and practicing. But, this monkey is so confident that you’ll be forced to doubt your any kind of skills. Also, this monkey actually drives better than most of us.



9. How Girls Behave When Nobody is Watching

Again, at the risk of sounding sexist, I still vouch for this being one of the most funny WhatsApp videos I have come across. Do you have any such habit?



10. Short Girl Problems

This girl was shopping at a supermarket when she faced a dilemma. When she saw a guy approaching, she thought help had arrived. Watch till the end and you’ll end up laughing for sure!


Which one of these funny WhatsApp videos made you laugh the most? Do you have any more funny videos to suggest which didn’t make it to the list here? Let us know in the comments.

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