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Chocolate Foodgasm for Cocoa Lovers at This Magnum Outlet in Florence

In focus for today’s #TravelTuesday is an international food outlet which I’ve visited TWICE (which has never happened before!!!)

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Pay attention foodies, presenting here a Magnum outlet which allows you to choose customized toppings.

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The process is simple. You begin with firstly taking your pick between a chocolate or vanilla Magnum ice cream bar. Then, you need to choose any three out of 20 different toppings which range from the whimsical (e.g., mini mint chocolate chips) to the extravagant (e.g., edible rose petals).

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Finally, you have to choose what type of chocolate you want to dip your bar in: white, milk, or dark Belgian chocolate. The whole process happens right in front of your eyes and for foodies and chocolate lovers like me, every second will make you want to snatch this oozing beauty from the maker’s hands and start gorging on it right away.

Image result for magnum shop dip

Math lovers, can you do the permutations and combinations to tell us how many variations are possible? I’ll help the non-lovers. You can create over 200,000 different combinations with the store’s unique toppings! Yep, imagine that!!

So, if visiting Italy/Florence, and if you happen to be a foodie+chocolate/ice cream lover, you must must must visit this outlet for its uniqueness and a foodgasm like never before. Oh! And it’s definitely one-of-a-kind because from what I know, there are only a few of such Magnum outlets across the globe (In Italy, there’s another one in Venice, right outside Santa Lucia railway station and across The Grand Canal). So, you wouldn’t want to miss this, right?

Pro tip: It’s quite a filling dessert so avoid going after a heavy meal or you’ll not enjoy this treat to the fullest!

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