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Daily Dose of Weird! Doing These Things Publicly In India Can Get You Fined

The list of things for which you could be fined are many. These vary from place to place across the world. While some countries are open about their PDA, there are a few where showing affection in public, could land you in jail. If that seems weird to you, the things for which you cannot be fined are even more absurd. Ours is a culturally rich, and sometimes rigid country. Our beliefs in certain things are so deep-rooted that we forgot to change the values with the changing times.

Hence, even as the world has altered its way of looking at mostly everything, some things for which you could be fined in our country, remain the same because most of us are not aware whether they are legal or not. Here is a look at few such things.


1. Playing loud Music

There are provisions for regulating and controlling noise pollution resulting from loudspeakers, public address systems and also through construction activity. So next time you are disturbed by your neighbor’s loud music or anything else, remember that you can complain about it.



2. PDA

Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) states that, an “obscene act and songs… to the annoyance of others” may lead to a fine and/or an imprisonment of up to three months. But, the “obscene acts” under the section have not been clearly defined.

PDA india.jpgsource: The Hindu


3. Traffic Rules

Did you know that the traffic rules do not apply to hand-pulled rickshaws or cyclists? Next time you see them not following a traffic signal, remember that they aren’t legally wrong. In yet another one of unknown and weird laws, you cannot be fined for the same traffic rule broken, more than once in twenty hours.



4. Rules for Live-in and Unmarried Couples

Most of us are of the impression that it is illegal for unmarried couples to book/stay in a hotel room together. However, this is not the case. So is the case with unmarried couples living-in together. Yes, it is frowned upon in our society but is in no way breaking any law.



5. Smoking

Many of us are aware of this thanks to the ads before movies in theaters. However, not many actually know that it is true. Yes, its illegal to smoke in confined public spaces.



6. Littering

Something we all take for granted is throwing rubbish, anywhere and everywhere. Though not executed or followed seriously, littering is actually a punishable offense.



7. Racist and Communist Remarks

Calling a North-east Indian ‘Chinky’ may be funny, but it is also a punishable offense. The laws of hate speech state that using derogatory names for communities like the scheduled castes, north-eastern communities etc. can be fined or even lead to jail time.



8. Unreported is Offensive

An act made way back in 1878 is still governing us. As per the Treasure Trove Act (1878) if you don’t report more than 10 rupees lying around (which is unclaimed) you are committing a crime.


things for which you could be fined 10


10. Prostitution vs Pimping

Prostitution thrives in India despite the notion that it’s illegal. Do know you why? Because it’s not actually a crime to pay someone for sex. However, approaching a pimp or pimping someone out for sex is illegal.


These things really make us believe in the ‘It happens only in India’ phrase. Do you know any other such weird laws that exist in our country? Let us know in the comments.

(originally written for TopYaps.com)

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