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Best Haryanvi Songs That You Should Definitely Add To Your Playlist

The best Haryanvi songs would be a topic of interest for very few. But, for those who love and appreciate art in any form, music would be among the top in that list. People who really love music, would not be bothered about its form or even the language in which the song of their favorite music is sung. India being a multilingual country, music is prevalent in almost every regional language.

One such regional language, which is quite popular for its entertainment quotient, is the Haryanvi language. Right from its accent to the diction, Haryanvi is a fun language for sure. As for the music, that too, is quite a source of entertainment. So, here is a list of best Haryanvi songs to take that entertainment a notch higher.


1. Hatt Ja Tau

From the movie Veerey Ki Wedding, this one became quite popular among Bollywood lovers as well. It needs to be on your playlist because of the peppiness and fun factor. Filmed on Sapna Choudhary, this is a song that you will surely love and enjoy.


2. Tu Cheez Lajawab

Sapna Chaudhary is a popular name in the Haryanvi music industry. Having her as the female singer makes the song one of the best Haryanvi songs straightaway and this one just proves that. Yes, some may find it to be a fit offensive but there is no way you can deny its addictive tune.



3. Teri Aankhya Ka Yo Kajal

Kohl-eyed girls are a weakness for many guys. Hence, it is no wonder that this song is so popular. After all, it voices out how and why the girl’s kajal laden eyes make people go crazy. Do you find this song intriguing? Why don’t you let us know in the comments below?



4. Laad Piya Ke

All women love it when their significant other pampers them and gives them all their attention. This Haryanvi song talks about such pampering and how much the woman loves it. Maybe this is a perfect hint for your partner to gear up on the pampering!



5. Solid Body

Though the lyrics are quite objectified, the song is no less entertaining and fun to listen to. If raunchy Bollywood songs are your thing, then you will definitely like this Haryanvi track. Filled with sensuality, this is a song that many likes to hear often.


6. Olha Me Patola

Sung by Masoom Sharma and Seenam Katholic, the video features Ajay Hooda and Pooja Hooda who are quite popular in the Hariyanvi industry making it one of the best Haryanvi songs in recent times. Haven’t you heard this song yet?



7. Badli Badli Laage

A list of best Haryanvi songs must have maximum number of Sapna Chaudhary songs or the list is inauthentic. Hence, here is one more by the very popular name, face, and voice. There is a certain charm of this song which makes it weirdly addictive.



8. Sweety

We refer to our beloved as ‘sweety’ so many times. Here’s a song which agrees to that and expresses it in a fun way, thus making it one of the best Haryanvi songs till date. So, who is your ‘sweety’ with whom you would like to hear this song?



9. Desi Desi Na Bolya Kar

Calling a Haryanvi ‘desi’ is what most of us are guilty of. Seems like the singer of this song had enough of that and sung his feelings out. Parmish Verma and Upkar Sandhu give us one of the best Haryanvi songs till date with Desi Desi Na Bolya Kar. You might find yourself nodding in agreement with this song.



10. Jail Karawegi Re Chori

We’ve all heard of the phrase, “If looks could kill..”. Well, one of the best Haryanvi songs took this quite seriously and came with the lyrics stating that a particular girl the singer has fallen for will make him do crimes for which he can be jailed.


So, which one out of these best Haryanvi songs did you enjoy the most? Do you know any other such entertaining songs which didn’t make it to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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