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A Walk Amidst Greens and Varied Floral Colours At The Rose Garden in Pordenone

Today’s #TravelerTuesday focuses on The Rose Garden Museum in Pordenone, Italy. 



Image may contain: outdoor, text, nature and water

This was one of the most smallest, yet beautiful rose gardens I’ve ever visited. Having been to ample hill stations across India, I’ve been privy to rose gardens in all of them, be it Ooty or Mount Abu; and all of varied sizes, usually one larger than the other and spread across acres of land. So coming across a rose garden the size of which was only slightly larger than my bedroom, was quite surprising for me.

However, a small walk amidst the greens, where roses of various colours were spread across even in that small space and with nameboards in front of each species, quickly put my doubts to rest about my skepticism with the place. The park not only has these eye pleasing roses, but there’s even a pond in between these flowers, and there are benches perched below vineyard type structures, all facing towards the pond and the roses.

It seemed to be so idyllic a setting that one of the thoughts to come across my mind was, “How wonderful would it be to get married here!” imagine fairy lights across the roses and the vines and you’ll see what I mean. So, nature lovers and romanticisers, duly note down this place as a must visit if you’re ever in Pordenone. 😍🤩🌺🥀🌿🌳☘️

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