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These Photos Of Sunny Leone’s Husband ‘Daniel Weber’ Prove That He Is No Less Hotter Than His Wife

Photos of Sunny Leone’s husband may not be as popular a Google search item as Sunny Leone herself, but that does not mean he is any less good-looking. Also, the fact that they make a gorgeous couple, needs to be accepted. Agreed that on-screen Sunny Leone makes for a more accepted and popular face, but her husband is said to be the backbone and brains behind her successful career. We have seen glimpses of him, in few Bollywood movies and even in public appearances. However, mostly he remains shadowed under the limelight of his wife.

So today lets take a look at some of the photos of Sunny Leone’s husband and get to know Daniel Weber as a person. Daniel first saw Sunny (checkout their full love story) at an award ceremony. Following this, he gathered the courage to ask her on a date but Sunny declined because she was skeptical. However, she later agreed to date him when he did not give up.  Eventually, the two got married and now are proud parents of three cute kids.


1. Doesn’t he look drool worthy?



2. Hot Stuff



3. Too hot to handle



4. The family man!



5. Hot and hotter


photos of sunny leone's husband



6. Towel Talk


Sunny Leone husband photos 7


7. Power Couple



8. Punk hot look



9. The goofy side


Sunny Leone husband photos 10


10. The dashing dude



11. The sexy beard


Isn’t he absolutely crush-worthy? Moreover, he looks super adorable with his wife. So, which photos of Sunny Leone’s husband did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!

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