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Indian Meme Pages To Follow On FB For Your Daily Laughter Dose

Its the age of internet memes and they do give us a great laugh once in a while. If you are one of those who appreciates the creativity behind such memes, then there are a few Indian meme pages to follow on FB which beat the rest. We come across memes on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram too, but Facebook seems to take the helm when it comes to the funniest ones. That is majorly because these Indian meme pages to follow on FB have the most on point, sassy, dank and current memes every day.

So, if you find memes to be the best source of humor in this internet age, then I’m here to give you the best Indian meme pages to follow on FB. Following these will ensure that you get your daily dose of laughter therapy through the most creative, current and relevant memes.


1. Mirzapur Ke Memes

With over 23k likes and followers, this page posts almost 8-10 memes every day. On an average, you will be laughing every 4 hours. How’s that for your daily dose of humour through the funniest memes? Here is a look at some of their most hilarious ones.


Mirazpur ke memes 1

Mirazpur ke memes 2

Mirazpur ke memes 3

2. Koi Meme Gaya

The page has 110,572 likes and 127,015 followers on Facebook. This in itself should tell you just how popular it is. Inspired by ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ the profile picture of this page features Hrithik Roshan’s character from the movie in a hilarious take. Go check it out, but before that have a look at some of its memes below.

Koi Meme gaya 1

Koi Meme gaya 2

Koi Meme gaya 3

3. Andheri West Shit Posting

The memes and posts are mostly related to the City of Dreams, Mumbai. So for those belonging to the city, they’ll be relatable and funny as hell. For outsiders, it can be a great source of entertainment, nonetheless. Here are few of its best memes.

andheri west shit posting 2

andheri west shit posting 3

andheri west shit posting

4. All India Dank Memes

Even this page has a huge following of about 114k users. How about having a look at some of its funniest memes before you decide to like and follow their page though. Here’s a few to help.



all india dank memes 1


all india dank memes 2

5. Memes ki duniya

Our duniya becomes entertaining and funny thanks to this page aptly names as ‘memes ki duniya’. Have a look at few of their memes below and you’ll be compelled to follow them for your daily dose of memeterainment!

Memes ki duniya 1


Memes ki duniya 2

Memes ki duniya 3

6. Be Like Bro

Remember that time when “Be like this person” became a trend on social media. This FB page picked it up and is now spreading joy through their humorous memes. Here are some of my favorites.

be like bro 1


be like bro 2

be like bro 3

So, which one of these Indian meme pages to follow on FB did you find the funniest? Do you follow any such page which we forgot to list here? Let us know in the comments!

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