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A Nostalgic Cricketing Memory From A Visit At The Wankhede Stadium

Today’s Traveler Tuesday is dedicated to my favourite sport cricket through one of my favourite #throwback #memories associated with the sport.
This photo is from 2007 when the then young Men in Blue arrived in India as champions of the very first T20 World Cup. It hadn’t been an easy win (in fact I didn’t even watch the last few balls because I’d been praying fervently with my then roomie and now #soulsister Roopali Jain and we couldn’t bear to see India losing). However, against all odds, the youngest and quite frankly also the most ‘inexperienced’ squad India had ever seen, ended up being the World Champions. I was ecstatic beyond words. The next day BCCI declared a free entry at Wankhede Stadium Mumbai as the team would take a victory lap at the stadium. Back then I had someone by my side who was as crazy as I am about the sport and we decided to go! But, boy oh boy, what a day it turned out to be. As the infamous Bombay rains showered upon us, we made our way wading through water logged streets and an overcrowded+slow and late running Mumbai local to reach the venue, where we had to wait for 2 hours before we got to see the winning team. But, when they circled the stadium and we were just inches apart from them, with that shinning trophy in their arms, it was all worth the struggles and the wait. Of course, when they’re this close the fans tend to go berserk and that’s when the fences were broken down and people forced their way on to the ground from the stands. It was scary and funny at the same time to watch such a spectacle. To this day, this memory remains one of my best ones as it reminds me of just how far I can go for the love of this sport!
P. S : This is the first time in my #traveltales that I’m using a photo from another source because I have no photos on my phone or my computer from that day. All I have are the fond memories of that day in my mind and heart.
PC : Gettyimages


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