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Forget B-Town Celebs Or Fashionistas, You Should Follow These People On Twitter For Some Inspiration!

Celebrities to follow on Twitter aren’t just limited to Bollywood, Hollywood and fashionistas. There are some users with everyday motivational stuff who have got a great following on the social media platforms. The platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become our go-to for almost anything and everything. Be it our next travel destination, or where we should go out to eat tonight, we turn to social media for our answers. In such an age, it is very essential to know which celebrities to follow on Twitter and all other social media platforms for the correct answer and motivation.

Need a list for that? We give it you here! Right from clothes and food, to travel and fitness, here are some of best celebrities to follow on Twitter for your daily social media inspiration. They are perfect for the millennials to connect with fresh and relatable content.


1. Rahul Roushan

Anyone who follows social media has heard of the site Faking News. Who is behind this sensationally funny and satirical news platform though? None other than Rahul Roushan who is the founder of Faking News. With his funny, insightful and satirical tweets he is definitely one of the top celebrities to follow on Twitter. His 128k followers are already proof of how popular he is on Twitter.



2. Shivya Nath

We are always on the lookout for travel bloggers to follow on social media. Well, here is one of the most popular one in India! With a published book and many awards under her name for her solo travels, Shivya Nath can give you major travel goals and tips.



3. Sairee Chahal

Professional life for women is different from men and she was the first women to address this. With Sheroes she gave a professional platform for women to showcase their skills. Looking for some women entrepreneurial skills to encourage, influence and motivate you? She’s your answer.



4. Annie Zaidi

Need some inspirational words, that too from a writer? Annie Zaidi is the account you should be following on Twitter. It is specially helpful for the days when you are feeling blue.



5. Deepinder Goyal

Food lover? Who better to follow than the founder of one of India’s top food guide, ZomatoDeepinder Goyal will guide you to the nearest best food outlet, and even hand out some great entrepreneurial tips.



6. Mahesh Murthy

If you’re looking for someone to invest in your start-up idea, Mahesh Murthy is the guy to follow on Twitter. Keep up with current market trends and learn about business ideas from the best of the best.



7. Kalyan Karmakar

This guy is an inspiration for all those who love to travel, but not without the local food. Author of The Travelling Belly: Eating Through India’s By-Lanes, Kalyan Karmakar is quite active on social media and guides you through local eateries.



8. Nandita Iyer

If you’re looking for expert advice on healthy eating habits and how to keep your weight in check, Nandita Iyer is your social media health expert.



9. Protima Tiwary

Fitness goals are something which need everyday motivation. So we look at the workout routines and videos of people on social media to see what they’re doing. Here is one account on Twitter which will give you that daily kick of inspiration.


So, here are some of the celebrities to follow on Twitter. Whom did you like the most? Do you follow someone that we missed putting on our list here? Let us know in the comments!

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