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15 Rare 1980s Doordarshan Commercials Only ‘90s Kids Remember

When we think of our childhood or growing up years (I’m talking about ’80s and ’90s), Doordarshan was certainly a major part of it. During this era, apart from the serials, commercial and TV advertisements also formed a major part of our entertainment. In fact, they were the only source through most Indian consumers got their updates on what’s happening in the market (other than print and radio ads). Watching TV, back in those days, was a family thing. So when commercials came up, the whole family, irrespective of the age group became a target audience. Hence these Doordarshan commercials were liked by grandparents, parents and children alike.

From Rasna to Complan, and from Nirma to Vicco, all big and small brands became a household name because of these ads. Here is a look at some of the best rare Doordarshan commercials from the ’80s. Get ready for a walk down the memory lane.




The catchy jingle “Sirf ek Saridon aur sar dard se aaram” made this medicine an instant go-to when one was hit with a sudden headache but had to go to work. Here is a look at what the ad was like in the 1980s.




Freshness was redefined because of the Liril soap ad. Even today when we think of rare Doordarshan commercials, the brand name comes to the mind right away. Take a look at the ad.




Vicks is still one of the leading players in the market when it comes to cough and cold medications. This is also thanks to its great TV ads back in the ’80s. The jingle still runs through our mind when we think of Vicks. Take a look at this classy ad:



Godrej Storewel

Walk-in wardrobes and built-in cupboards may have become the thing of today but, back in the day your home was incomplete without a Godrej Almirah. Take a look at all rare Doordarshan commercials of Godrej from 1985-1990.




‘I love you Rasna’ plays in our heads whenever we see Rasna packets even today. This rare Doordarshan commercial from the ’80s started it all.



G Magazine

Most of us grew up knowing about Bollywood gossips and fashion through magazines like Filmfare and Stardust. But before that came the G Magazine.




Slice and Maaza are nothing for the kids who grew up the ’80s and ’90s. This is because of Frooti and its rare Doordarshan commercials which made a huge impact on our minds.



Woodwards Gripe Water

Stomachache wasn’t resolved by tablets like Pudin Hara, but Woodwards Gripe Water in the 1980s. A major reason behind this was the rare Doordarshan commercial of Woodwards which impacted many Indian consumers.



Dabur Lal Dant Manjan

Dental care ads weren’t about showing doctor’s prescriptions and recommendations back in the 1980s. This rare Doordarshan commercial shows us how Dabur Lal Dant Manjan aimed for sales.




The National Egg Coordination Committee is still active about spreading awareness on how eggs are good for health. This ad from the 1980s will be a reminder of just how long they have been doing it from.




Here is a collection of all classic Titan ads. These will take you down your childhood memory lane. From Juhi Chawla to many other known faces and names, Titan has many as its brand ambassador.



Volfarm Ketchup

Before Maggi Ketchup took over as the market leader, it was Volfarm which was preferred over it. This rare Doordarshan ad from the 1980s will make you remember it, in case you forgot all about the brand.



Good Day

Good Day remains to be a favorite biscuit among Indians despite being one of the oldest ones in the market. Here is a look at one of its earlier TV commercials which featured Javed Jaffrey.



Hamam Soap

Before Medimix and Margo took over the bathing soap market, there was Hamam. Here is a look at its TV commercial from the 80s.




Fancy shoes for kids were novelty (at least in India) back in the ’80s. So when the Champs ad came in, all kids wanted a pair of the newest and coolest shoe brand. Here is a look at the ad.


So which one of the rare Doordarshan commercials was your favorite? Did we miss out on listing any of the popular ones here? Let us know in the comments!

(originally written for TopYaps.com)

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