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When You Draw Happiness From Filling Up An Empty Space With Warmth Through Designs ~ An Interior Designer & Handmade Gifts Artisan Shares Her Story

Dieter Uchtdorf says,

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

In our today’s #FridayFeature on #WonderWomen we present a woman who believes in the magic of creativity through crafts and words. Meet, Interior Designer, Content Writer and Handmade Gifts Artisan, Pooja Bhatt. How did she get into so many creative fields and how does she manage to do it? Let’s hear in her own words.



“I’ve always loved designing things, whether it be something huge or just something small. Playing with colours, textures and spaces, gives me the kind of creative liberty where my mind is at peace. The motivation behind my Interior Designer profession is the happiness that comes along by filling up an empty space with warmth through designs and making it worthy of being called someone’s ‘Home Sweet Home’. Of course, the customer satisfaction and happiness which comes after the space is ready, brings along a different kind of motivation too. I love how my creativity can lend me the ability to reflect the personalities and daily lives of the users in their space, whether it be a residential or commercial space. Fortunately, my calibre as an interior designer got its wings and recognition with a good brand like Asian Paints, where I worked in 2013 and now, I’m working with Sleek International which is a subsidiary of Asian Paints. As an interior designer working with and for established brands is very essential or the only other choice you are left with is to start your own firm.

 A kitchen and a wardrobe designed by Pooja and her team for Sleek International

Hence, I feel fortunate to have got a chance to work with a good company like Asian Paints. As for the content writing, that came to me when I realized how much I loved expressing myself. I have always had a habit of writing birthday or anniversary messages on my own, while thinking about that person and expressing it with heartfelt words.

Some heartfelt musings penned down by Pooja

This habit inculcated another practice which is when I began to pen down my quotes, thoughts and lines in the form of random musings. This bore fruition when having some free time on hand I applied for a freelance content writing job and got selected for it too! This was mainly educational content, something I had never done before. But I took it on as a challenge and quite enjoyed creating quizzes on current news and weather for Flinnt. The app is for kids, parents and schools and I had to make the quizzes in such a way that it would be interesting for kids to learn. The challenge here was to make the content as simple as possible and mould it in such a manner that kids would be easily able to read and understand it. It was quite refreshing and brought out a new creative side in me. Dreamful Hopes happened because I’ve always been a strong believer of gifting handmade things. The thought we put in while making something amazing for a person close to us, that’s what makes handmade things special I believe. And if there’s one word I lived on, continue to live on and will live on forever, it is ‘HOPE’.

Pooja  with her colleagues from Sleek International

Therefore, I started making dreamcatchers because I thought to myself, “Hey! Here’s one one positive thing which can help people be calm and positive!” and hence Dreamful Hopes came into existence. No, the road hasn’t always been smooth, there have been hurdles, but I’ve overcome them like speed breakers on the way, allowing them to only slow me down rather than stopping me. But I feel that struggles are a part of life and they only make a person stronger, in more ways than one. I have been away from home from a decade now, so for me everything has been a struggle, be it education, jobs, living in different cities, adjusting with new people, to work and to live with. But it has all taught me something and made me who I am today.

Some heartfelt musings penned down by Pooja

For the work part, the toughest thing in creating content for Flinnt was the unlearning of the difficult things I’d spent years understanding, and instead letting all that go and returning to the basics for the sake of the target audience who happened to be kids. As for Dreamful Hopes, the challenge I face is that each client wants and asks for different colours and patterns of dreamcatchers and doesn’t always choose from the ones which are already in stock or from the ones which I made before. This becomes taxing at times, but then I understand it if I put myself in their shoes. Wouldn’t I want a product or service to be as per my liking too? That’s when I realize how important it is to give clients what they want.

Dreamcatcher Jewelry made by Pooja for Dreamful Hopes

So, yes, every stage in my life, be it my interior designing, my content writing or my handcrafting, has taught me to be strong and face all the challenges coming my way. For me my biggest motivation is my family who support me in every situation despite being miles away. Luckily, I’ve been blessed with ‘friends like family’ because every city has given me a bunch of friends without whom I wouldn’t have had the will to go on. These two factors, my friends and my family, keep me motivated always. Other than this, I also draw motivation from appreciating someone else’s work from the heart. I say ‘from the heart’ because I truly marvel at the level of talent someone can have and draw motivation by praising their work and getting inspired rather than being jealous or insecure about it.

Beautiful dreamcatcher wall hangings handcrafted by Pooja  for Dreamful Hopes

All in all, the journey in every field has been a good learning and growing experience. As for the future plans, my only aim to make Dreamful Hopes the best part of my life, no matter how big or small a business it turns out to be.”

Such a charming dreamcatcher chandelier handcrafted by Pooja Bhatt for Dreamful Hopes


You can follow (or buy) her amazing Handmade Gifts Artisan products below :


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