Travel Tales

A Little Castle Which is Used As An Archaeological Museum in Pordenone

In focus for today’s Traveler Tuesday is The Castle of Torre in Pordenone, Italy.

Perched atop a hill within the archaeological area of Villa Romana di Torre di, this castle (also popularly known as Museo Archeologico del Friuli Occidentale – Castello di Torre) houses 5 rooms and is located about 3 km north of the city center. The surrounding park and the greens are soothing to the eyes and the mind, while the inside of the castle is a walk back in history.

Unfortunately, I missed out on seeing the castle from inside as it was closed (you can check their website before planning your visit), so I just took a stroll around the park (which is the archaeological area of Pordenone), which is strewn with small streams and bridges, and then sat down on the bench outside the castle doors from where the entire park is visible from a certain height.

The only sounds were that of the birds and the winds, and the only visible sights were that of the grass, trees and various colourful flowers. This peaceful combination made me forget the regret of not being able to see the insides of the castle. I sat there for a while, taking in the view and then took out my book to read for a while, before leaving. It was a peaceful experience, one which left me content at having visited a site which seemed to have been unexplored by many as yet. I’d recommend visiting it to get to know the history of the town and also to spend some quite time strolling around the park or just sitting down to relax and soak in the serene surroundings.


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