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Viral Videos That Left Us In Splits And Made Us Go Whoa!

Thanks to the internet and social media, we have had access to some of the most viral videos, which turned out to be the cutest and the funniest ones. The most viral videos that provide us with our daily cuteness and humor dose. The motto these days has become, “If it’s a new thing, it’s on the internet, and it will reach you, sooner or later” and these most viral videos may already have been seen by you. But, if not, we’re here with the top 11 viral videos for you.

Funny animals to cute babies and embarrassing moments, these viral videos will either make you go ‘lol’ or ‘aww’.  Get ready for your laughter and cuteness dose with the topmost viral videos on the internet.


1. Baby and Daddy Lip Sync

A mother decided to record her husband and her baby daughter having a great time while lip-syncing a song. The result? Cuteness overload! We instantly fell in love with this father-daughter duo and the daddy gave us all some serious father goals.



2. Deer Trapped in Pool

Even most humans are scared of water. Especially those who don’t know how to swim. So, when a baby deer got trapped in a swimming pool by accident, it was terrified too. But a man got it out in time. Have a look at the whole thing in the video below.



3. Baby Playing Harmonica For Dog

Babies and dogs always give us the chance to go aww. But when you put them together, it’s sure to be a treat for the eyes. Check out this cute video where a baby plays harmonica for her dog and the heart-melting reaction of the dog.



4. Bear(ly) Jumping

A family visiting a zoo with their child is a normal thing, right? But this family’s outing to a zoo will be something they’ll remember forever. Their 5 old year jumps with joy on seeing a bear and the bear too reciprocates. Check it out!



5. Girl Races Train

Learning how to ride a bike (cycle) is one of the best childhood memories. But this particular little girl has got the daredevil spirit quite early on. Check her race a fast-moving train in this viral video.



6. Chick Sleeping

Sleeping babies are adorable to look at and putting them to sleep is another cute activity. But, chicks can be even cuter. Doubt it? Have a look at this video of a man putting a chick to sleep.



7. Seal Slapping

A Kayaker named Kyle Mulin got slapped in the face! It wasn’t human though, quite literally. A seal used an octopus’s scale to slap him and we were just as shocked as he must have been. Have a look at the video below.



8. Bird Pulls Out Tooth

Helpful pets are a blessing. Check out how this little girl’s pet bird helped her out in the most cutest way. The girl had been struggling with a wobbly tooth and the bird did what it could to help her out of her misery.



9. Don’t Touch My Food

We all relate to Joey and his “Joey doesn’t share food” motto to some level. Well, it seems one particular baby got her priorities right quite early on in life. Check out her hilarious reaction when her food was taken away!



10. Girl Trying Wasabi

Babies and their reactions make up for some of the funniest videos. In this particular one, a baby states in a cute verbal manner why she regrets trying wasabi.



11. Music(al) Lovers

Music does bring people closer. When you share a mutual love for music, it’s the ultimate #couplegoals. Check out this elderly couple’s love for piano playing!


So, which one of these most viral videos was your favorite? Do you know of more such videos which we missed out? Let us know in the comments!

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