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Mixing Practicality & Creativity ~ An Investment Banker & Author Shares Her Story

Emile Zola says,

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work”.

In our today’s #FridayFeature on #WonderWomen we focus on a woman who has this artistic gift and is making the best use of it through her work. Meet, Investment Banker and Writer, Manali Debroy . How did she mix a financial career with a creative field and what motivated her to do so? Let’s find out in her own words.



“Writing has always been something close to me. During my childhood, I wrote letters to my grandfather and that joyous feeling of how words can express emotions to your near ones despite being miles away from you, caught on to me. But getting into investment banking was because of the practical side I undoubtedly inherited and learned from my father. I was 19 when he suffered a stroke and for the first time I understood the importance of life and how each day is a gift and one should not take it for granted.

A sketch done by Manali

This was a major turning point and learning curve in my life, because of two reasons. Firstly, because my dad was and remains one of my biggest idols, so the thought of losing him was hard to gulp down. And secondly, because I’d never seen him giving up, and the stroke failed to bring him down either, which ended up teaching me a lot. Even when he was suffering, he never lost hope and recovered from his stroke faster than the doctor thought. His motivation behind this was me; because he wanted to get back to work as I was still studying, and he wanted to secure my future. To see my father struggling with life that way, but never giving up, taught me a lot about life and how to perceive it.

Manali’s various recognitions as a writer

Yes, losing him was heart-breaking and life shattering, but nothing in life is easy. This is what I learned to accept and fight early on. I strongly believe that dedication, hard work and a never-give-up attitude lead to success in any field. There have been struggles and challenges, and they’re still on, but I take them on with a clear head and a smiling face.

I know the world of numbers and the world of words are poles apart, but they’re both equally satisfying to me and I am actually proud to represent both, because I believe not many can boast of being practical as well as creative, right? Writing is a medium for me to convey my message to the world and banking is my way of keeping myself financially secured.

Manali’s article on The Post India, where she contributes as a writer regularly 

Let me clarify though that I love both my professions equally. Because, I have been always good at Math and numbers always attracted me. Maybe it sounds weird and nerdy, but I weigh everything in life and try to solve all the issues logically, and mathematically. I was always intrigued by finance and market movements. May be the curiosity in me always pushed me towards numbers first and then understanding money flow!

When I’m not churning out figures, I am an artist – I write and even sketch. As to the motivation for these, for me it comes from within and by observing every woman who is trying to don many hats and successfully carrying out the varied professional as well as personal works.

Luckily this motivation has borne fruitful results too, especially in the writing field. My first poetry book (Twists and turns of life) came out in 2015 and I also got a chance to don the hat of an editor (for The Inked Square – Inkedfables). Over and above this, I am coming up with my second book (a collection of short stories) very soon too (in the next one month). So, stay tuned!

I take each day as a learning experience and focus on taking it all in, in a positive way. All in all, life’s been good, and I look forward to giving back to the world, the way it has given me learnings through my experiences.”

Manali’s article on The Post India, where she contributes as a writer regularly 


You can follow her written works through her social media platforms below



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