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Sneating: Are You Guilty Of This Dating Trend?

A modern dating term? You surely thought of ghosting, orbiting, breadcrumbing or maybe even Gatsbying. But these are all in the past now. Finding a good guy (or girl) in the digital age of right swipes has become challenging, and you may end up going out with a complete creep. Hence keeping yourself updated with any modern dating term on the block would be a good idea. The new one out there is ‘sneating’. Not sure what it means? We’re here to help.

Are you a believer in chivalry? Do you support the old-school philosophy? Then you may want to steer clear of ‘sneaters’ out there. The word ‘sneating’, a modern dating term, is coined together by the words sneaking and eating. Hence, sneating is all about going out on a date with someone purely for a free meal. it seems the millennials have taken up the phrase ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch” as a ‘challenge accepted’!



Though that may not sound as bad, because the Dutch policy isn’t quite there in India completely yet. And, there are men (as well as women) who do support the idea of men taking care of the bills. But, ‘sneating’ is a completely another level of scheming, where you purposely foot the bill on your date.




As shocking as that may be, there are many out there, who seem to be following this trend. They go out on dates just to get a free meal or get their desire of dining at a costly restaurant satiated. It also refers to daters who order or opt for the fanciest and the most expensive dishes on the menu, on purpose.



A girl named Sarah even went on to confess to The New York Times:

“I started being more strategic about the guys that I matched with on Tinder. Guys who said they were old fashioned or knew how to treat a lady were in. They were the ones who were likely to pay on a first date. Guys who said they were modern or into equality were out – they were clearly Dutch daters all the way. Whenever the bill came, I did that lame thing where I offer to pay half but then don’t argue when he says he’ll take care of it.”


sneating gif reaction

This is a trend that actually ruins dating for those who are looking for something genuine. Have you or would ever engage in sneating? Did you go out with someone who was a sneater? What are your views on this modern dating term and practice? Let us know in the comments.

(originally written for TopYaps.com)

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